Happy Feet 2 or Ghost Protocol?

It’s like deciding to buy silver cufflinks or gold cufflinks. The husband and I would want to watch both but the later part is only for adult. Our little girl won’t enjoy the movie because it has some action scenes. I was telling the husband to leave her to my brother’s house for a while so that we can watch Tom Cruise in action again. hahaha. But we have not decided yet. I think we might not be able to watch any since we are running in a tight schedule.

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Rookie Blue Season 2

Since I still don’t want to watch the Season 10 of Smallville, I decided to look for other shows. And then I remembered that Rookie Blue should have aired their season 2 by now. I was expecting the season to start last September but I was surprised that they started early and now the season is already finished. So, I got a copy of the complete season and watched it yesterday. The series is not about rookies wearing nursing uniforms but rather police uniform chasing after criminals. The season will still feature the rookies spearheaded by Andy. At the start of the series, Andy and Luke as still together. But as the series unfold their relationship have face some problems which has lead to Andy to Sam. Because of their relationship, Sam’s undercover ops turn sour and Andy and the gang were face to the challenge of tracking Sam. In the end of the season, both Sam and Andy were suspended. I am so looking forward to Season 3.

What to watch?

While looking and reading about best eyelash growth products, I am also browsing on the website of ticketworld and ticketnet. I want to know what shows would they have on the husband’s vacation. But unfortunately, I can’t seem to find some interesting show at that time. But I am eager to watch Seussical with the little girl. She is quite family with the Cat in the Hat :) . Hopefully this show would run until December and we can watch it with the husband. That of course, if his vacation will be approved.

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Morning Glory

When I started the movie, I wanted to stop watching it already. I do not like the beginning where in the female lead star loses her job, then went for an interview wherein she speaks to fast and after that met a snobbish Harrison Ford on the elevator. Oh, not she is not looking for Bartender Jobs but rather she is an executive producer. She was able to land a job but then she has to face a lot of challenges to keep her show afloat. This one is an inspiring movie, which shows that perseverance, determination and quick wit wins the game. I love Harrison Ford’s character but I love Becky Fuller more. She is my kind of girl. And this reminds me of a friend that’s why I enjoy it.

Just Go With it

This movie have surprised me. I did not expect to enjoy it. Well, I was just passing time and saw the synopsis over the internet while I am looking for the best brand of barcode scanner to buy. I like what I read in the summary since it’s a typical story of a romance pocketbook. The movie is about Danny (Adam Sandler) who is a plastic surgeon and always wear a wedding ring (though he is not married) to attract ladies. Unfortunately, that ring puts him in trouble. Because of that ‘trouble’ he asked his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to posed as his wife. They went to Hawaii and from there things get to unfold. It was such a nice movie. I end up smiling watching it.

The Struggles

I cannot help but notice that Nick Carter have really gained weight. When I saw their concert videos in youtube, he stood out because of his height and weight. No amount of Swarovski Crystal beads can hide the bulges. And then I was surprised when I found out that in the past his weight have gone up to 220 lbs. And he admitted to having addiction to alcohol and drugs. But he got his wake up call when he was diagnosed cardiomyopathy. That got him to serious change of lifestyle and until now he tries to be healthy. This was his interview in Ellen’s.


I was browsing through Youtube and I don’t know I was able to uncover the video that surprised me. Call me ignorant but I really don’t know that the New Kids on the Block are doing a tour with the Back Street Boys in the early part of 2011. I know that the BSB has visited the Philippines and I saw some parts of their concert and what I can only say is that on the part that I have seen, they did not dress up! AJ was even wearing a tshirt with a bulging tummy. A real statement that indeed they have changed. Anyway, back to the NKOTBSB tour before I forget I am talking about it. The way I have forgotten to check our buy hdmi cables. I really love watching their videos. Both groups are really good. I like their mash up and also when Kevin Richardson joined them in their tour. I was like a teenager drooling over the videos. I think it took me a week to get over it. hahaha.

A Twist

I don’t know yet what episode is currently being aired for Criminal Minds, CSI and The Mentalist. I haven’t been watching them since I am really busy. What I know is that none of them have shown of using any air ambulance service yet. And last night, the husband and I are talking about it and he mentioned that there was a twist in the story of the Mentalist. Patrick Jane was acquitted because of his plea that he did shot Red John because his family was killed by the said man. So the jury took his side. And one more surprised is that the man he shot was not Red John. Oh my, that makes an interesting story, right? And I thought the story would be over soon. Well, it’s not and I wish I can watch it now.


Finally I was able to troubleshoot our TV and DVD. Last weekend we were bent on watching Harry Potter because that is the theme of the daughter school’s trick or treat. But because I removed the cords because I needed to put in the new tv the old setup was mixed up. When we put in the DVD, our tv was in black and white mode. So instead of my goal to create birthday invitations for the weekend, I end up looking for possible solution to my problem. And yes, until today I was racking my brains of what to do. I searched the internet for possible solution but I cannot find one. The husband told me that it has something to do with the setup but I have search high and low and cannot come up with the right combination. So, tonight I decided to give it another shot since I am itching to watch some of my favorite series. haha. And I redo the cables and now I don’t know what I did it just works! hahah. Finally! Now the little girl is watching Harry Potter.

USB in the TV

Yesterday I bought a TV because I thought our old one was broken. It turned off automatically and when I asked my daughter what she did she said she did not do anything. I tried using different socket but still it did not turned on. So I thought it really was broken. The husband told me to replace it already. That’s why yesterday despite the feeling of being sick we went to the department store. We bought the tv and headed home. While I was trying to unattached and attached the cables to the old and new I saw a switch. And when I flicked it and turned on the tv, viola, it turned on! Imagine that! I was a bit irritated with my stupidity. Imagine with the price of that tv, I can buy lots of cheap plus size dresses. But as the husband said, I just have to put the other tv on our room. And since it has a USB, I can put my movies there and watch. IF only I would be able to find my usb. haha.