When can I watch NEW MOON?

Maybe you might be wondering why I am not excited about New Moon. Unlike last year where my post where mostly about the TWILIGHT SAGA and the first movie about it. Well, for one, I have to admit I do not like the second book. It’s because it more on Jacob than Edward. Second, I don’t like a story wherein the main character does not know who to pick. haha. But according to the reviews I have been reading, the movie is better than the book. Actually I have watched the NEW MOON MOVIE ONLINE for FREE with all the giggles and talking on the background. haha. Meaning it’s cinema copy. lol. Anyway, I think I might be able to watch it via our dvd when the husband comes home.

The movie

okay, don’t frown and say Oh well this is another Twilight post. lol. Yes, it is. But do you know that the movie is not yet shown in the Philippines as I am writing this. But guess what ? Because of technology and my resourcefulness I am now watching the movie on the comfort of my home. But unfortunately my 72 minutes are up. hahaha. So I needed to wait for one hour just so I can watch the next scenes. My first impression : Edward Cullen looks gayish. No offense. I like Robert Pattinson in HP but the lips and color (the makeup to make him look like a vampire) is a sore to my eye. Oh well. I’ll give you my feedback after I finished watching it.

The Cullen Family

Gorgeous family eh? I would prefer Alice over Bella anytime of the day. Bella get into my nerves you know. lol.

I still can’t get over the Twilight Books. They may not be the best written book in town but they are good breather from my daily routine. I finished the four books last week. I like the first and the last book. But have to skip some pages on the second and third. The Breaking Dawn (the fourth and final installment) is the best for me. Meyers was able to show that we can live harmoniously in this world if only we can discipline ourselves. I think I have to wait for months till I can watch the movie which has generated $70.2 ticket sales last weekend.

Four books in Four days

I have finished all four twilight saga books and what can I say? Well, even if there was a time I was a little bit discontented on how Meyers writes the first three books the last and final installment made me like her. Breaking dawn is my favorite among the four. It has everything love, camaraderie, unity. Somehow it conveys that if we are disciplined then our world might be a better place to live in.

Oh I am going to miss the Cullens. Not just Edward but the whole clan and the pack!

Popularity: 1% [?]

Twilight Book Giveaway

Okay, many of you have been plagued by my TWILIGHT SERIES entry marathon, i think the week before last week. Until today my haunt for the BOOK 1 is still unsuccessful. I am now switching to the ebook. But before that I discovered a way on how to owned the book if LADY LUCK will be on my side. lol.

I found out that MIA of FINICKY ME is giving the BOOK1 as a GIVEAWAY. So I am taking a chance and keeping my fingers crossed that my fate would smile at me and have that much long book. lol. I wanted to have it since like I said before I wanted to collect books that my little girl might be interested in reading when she grows up. But I know that’s a long way to go.

Twilight Movie

To add to my frustration of not being able to get that Twilight book, I would also would not be able to watch the movie in the big screen given my situation right now. Poor Me! hahaha! Anyway here is the trailer of the movie.

Watching the trailer really makes me want to read the book first. Anyway, Edward Cullen will be played by Robert Pattinson, who also played Cedrick Diggory in Harry Potter. Here is the poster of the movie.

Popularity: 1% [?]

To buy or not to buy?

Last Wednesday, my sister and brother in law took a day off from work. And fortunately they were in the mood to go to the mall. Every since Anevay turned two years old we never go to the mall unless I have someone to accompany me. With hubby working abroad and not having a nanny, going to places has been a challenging and tiring task for a mommy like me. So, I was happy for this chance because I have been planning for a long time now to scout for some bathroom vanities and some bedroom essentials.

I want! I want! I want!

As the showing of the twilight movie is coming near, my frustration of being able to buy the book is reaching its heights. lol. I have asked my older sister and brother in law to look for it in every possible bookstore here in the metro but lo and behold it is out of stock. They even went to one of the branch in the province but nada. Shucks! I don’t want to buy it online because the shipping cost will surely be much expensive than the book itself. haha.