CM’s Season Finale

The season finale of Criminal Minds is not that of a cliffhanger as compared to other seasons. Nothing special in this episode but the appearance of JJ. Yeah, she is really back and that most Criminal Minds look forward to. Though there was a hint that there would be shake up, I think for the next season there will be addition not deletion. Hopefully. The cast of CM is okay already but it would be better if they put Emily Prentiss back, right?

Popularity: 1% [?]

Disappointing Glee

I have watched Glee Season 1 last year not because of the hype. I really like the stories, the episodes and the singing. I know some people who watched it just because they want to be ‘in’. Because I was so taken by it, I wait in anticipation for Season 2. Especially when the news that Charice Pempengco will appear on some of the episodes. I did like the episode she was in, but as the season unfold, I lost my interest. True, people are still talking about it but as for me, in my opinion, their writers cannot keep up. Last Wednesday, I was able to watch its recent episode after weeks of not watching. And yes, I was terribly disappointed. I like how Charice perfomed but the story just isn’t something that would keep you interested. Again, I mean no offense. I know their a lot of fans out there. But for me, Glee somehow have diminished it’s shining powers.


This is one of the good news I have read so far. After the supposed death of Emily Prentiss in Criminal Minds, now the show is bringing back JJ. Oh yes, I read it through their FB page and I read through their comments. JJ’s characted is well loved by Criminal Minds fan. And I have searched it and found an article in LA Times, that indeed AJ Cook was rehired and would appear in the season finale of Criminal Minds. It’s indeed nice to learn about that but I am a bit sad because Season six is coming to an end.

About to End

I recently saw a post in FB from the Fringe page and it reminds me that all my favorite TV series are nearing their end for the season. In fact, Fringe has been posting about their season three finale. And I also read that the next season is confirmed already. But honestly right now I have lost interest on the show. Not sure why. In fact, I have not watched the season 13 to the recent one. Well, it’s getting harder to watch especially now that I am active again.

Popularity: 1% [?]

I have four favorite TV series : Criminal Minds, CSI, The mentalist and Fringe. I always wait for the current episodes of this series. But things got busy this past few weeks and I was not able to view them. So, this weekend when I was looking for something to occupy my time, I started watching the current episode. What’s interesting on the recent episode of The Mentalist was that their boss, Hightower was frame up, good thing Patrick Jane was able to sense it and help her. It was Red John all over again. On the next episode, LaRoche become their boss.

Gil Grissom, Are you Back?

It took me so long to watched CSI. I was able to watched the start of an episode wherein Sara attends a party for the deaf and met her mother in law. I stopped viewing it and then last Sunday I remembered it. Again, like in Criminal Minds I was surprised to see Gil Grissom. Well, he was on the last part of the episode. He and Sara are talking over the computer via video chat. When I saw him, I cannot help but google if he would be back in CSI. But based on what I read that is just a cameo appearance. He isn’t back yet. And oh, the DICK and Jane killer is on the loose, that makes CSI more interesting!

Goodbye, JB!

I only have few celebrities crushes. I don’t drool over celebrities just because they have six pack abs and they show it off. I don’t go for just looks but also for the brains. Whether it’s a true or a fictional character. I am choosy when it comes to people I admire. And this man belongs to the list of my fictional character. Note : fictional.


Do Not Disturb

I do not know how many days I have already spend but right now I am currently busy. Busy having a 24 marathon. Oh yeah, I am still locked in my room and on recovery so what better way to spend it than watching Jack Bauer turned himself into Superman. Now I have two J. B.s in my life, both of which are fictional. lol. But I love them to bits! Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer. Do you know what they have in common? hehe.

Where are you Charice?

No new episode for Glee this past two weeks. I have feedbacks that the one shown yesterday is not much to redeem the no epi. Should I just start browsing online and look for koolaburra boots. Hmm, what do you think? And according to rumors, Charice will appear on the 5th episode. But that did not happen. I have the current epi and I am thinking if I should watch it now or later. If I am in for a big disappointment or what. Well, I’ll think about it.

Start of the New Season

Just a few more days now and almost all my favorite TV series would start airing new episodes again. I am not sure though if Destiny have it on their cable I still have to check.

Criminal Minds starts on Sept 21.

Of course, the one that I have been waiting for the most. I miss SPENCER REED. The show will open with Morgan fighting for his life. I heard that AJ would be leaving soon and so is Prentiss. Sad ;(. Still I am looking forward to the twist and turns. It’s exciting.