okay, sorry for the title because it was what came out of my mouth the moment I saw this on my dashboard.

Click Here to Automatically Upgrade WordPress to latest Version.
WordPress 2.6.3 is available! Please update now.

The truth was I am going to write here that I am now running under Wordpress 2.6.2. I upgraded my blog through the aid of the automatic upgrade from Bluehost. But I was about to write it I saw the notification. So much for being up to date, huh ? Oh well, the upgrade has to wait until I feel better.

WordPress 2.6

A consistent line is in my dashboard. WordPress 2.6 is now available! Please update now. I wanted to click the please update now since the automatic upgrade plugin will do the dirty work for me but I am hesistant since a lot of plugins does not work with 2.5.

What do you think ? Will I click or not ? Later.

Popularity: 1% [?]

Week SP : Why I love MEMEs ?

Okay before I start this entry let me just quote THEDAILYMEME :

First off, technically most of the sites here are not memes. The fact that most of these sites create new questions all the time removes the whole evolving viral concept of a meme. But most people call them that and I liked the word ‘meme’ so I used meme.

After talking about bounce rate last week, I have again discovered something that might makes some eyebrows raised. Majority of us bloggers involved ourselves in what we can call viral tagging. Through an innocent onlooker’s eyes you would think its advantageous because you will be gaining a lot of backlinks just by posting. I also thought that way until one day while bloghopping I read this article that says Technorati and Google penalize blogs that engage in viral tagging and link farming. This post of BluePanJeet got me thinking.

Why I stopped my EC dropping ?

and why I am removing my Ecard from my two blogs (edit, I won’t be removing my EC yet. I’m doing some experiment).


When I sign up with entrecard I was so excited to try it. Everyday I try to drop ECs as much as I can. But somehow I got tired of dropping my card and then I read about BOUNCE RATE.

Improving your BLOGGER BLOGs

My other blog is hosted in BLOGGER. Although there have been a lot of improvement from the very first time I used BLOGGER way back 2004, there are still things that you need to setup unlike in WORDPRESS that almost everything are taken care of the plugins.

One of the few things that I like with wordpress that is missing in BLOGGER is having the RECENT POST, RECENT COMMENTS on the sidebar. And there is also a wordpress plugin which puts RELATED POST in wordpress. So I googled to put all this in my blogger blog. Although not all tips I found work.


I was trying to put the related post on my page template, so I was trying to do it via trial and error. Unfortunately because of this I got an error. When I refreshed my browser to access my blog, it showed this

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<’ in /home/romelett/public_html/belles-lettresofmilet/wp-content/themes/pink-blossom-10/index.php on line 13

So I went to the .php in my template to debug it. But I know it will take time. If I upload the theme again, I would be starting from scratch. Re : widgets. Good thing, I was able to think of another solution. I open the .php file that was save in my hard disk, open it on my notepad and copied and paste it on the .php in wordpress. And my problem was fixed. I thought I was doomed! lol!