I was already preparing myself to a heartbreak because of how the story is unfolding but as I watch the episode I still kept my fingers crossed that somehow the ending won’t be as bad as I expected it to be.

And now here I am contemplating if I am going to write about how the drama ended or just write what I felt when I was watching it. I have decided to do the later since I don’t really like giving out spoilers nor having to read spoilers per se.

Hot Shot Episode 15

And we are down to two more episodes. I don’t know if I would be happy or sad. Happy because after HOT SHOT it would be LOB, the much awaited team up of Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin again. I am not a fan of either of the two but I am a fan of them together. Sad because HOT SHOT will be ending. Will be saying goodbye to three good looking guys. hahah.

Hot Shot Episode 14

I was not able to watch this on TV last night since I decided to sleep early. And as of this writing Asian Dramas have not posted the raw videos so I went to Youtube to hunt. lol. I think YOUTUBE is deleting any videos related to hot shots so uploaders are changing its name. hahahaha.

Anyway, the drama started with a scene from Ep 13 between DFX and Qui Kui, with the former saying goodbye to the later because he will look for Ji Er. AFter the conversation, an army of men wearing coat and tie encircled DFX, showing a sign of battle. DFX was able to win over the armies and then his Grandpa came. DFX received a slap while Ji ER was hidden watching the commotion.

Hot Shot Episode 13

and it did not ended, boy was I glad because if it does I would be thinking of a hundred ways to murd3r their scriptwriter. lol.

Anyway, the episode came at the right timing. My weekend was uneventful since my little girl was nursing a high fever. So seeing this episode somehow gave me so good laugh and good feeling especially when you see a handsome Jerry Yan wooing an ordinary girl you cannot help but swoon. hahaha.

Hot Shot Episode 12

I was late tuning in because I feel asleep while putting my little girl to sleep. I was able to catch the show when the game is already on going and YDY was talking to a certain somebody. I just realized it later that it was their sixth man.

Hot Shot Episode 11

The episode started with the game of Pili vs Xuan Wu. And with Can as one of the player of the opposing team you will have Xiang with a low self esteem.

 And a fiery Da Ying who somehow forgets about the rule and started driving towards Can aggressively that’s why he gets into foul trouble early part of the game.

And since Can know how affected Da Ying with what happen to Qui Kui, he kepts on teasing Da Ying until he was totally pissed off resulting to him assaulting Can. And so he got the fouls and was thrown out of the game.

Hot Shot Episode 10

I’ll just give you these week’s episode highlights :

Episode 10 started off with YDY staring dreamily at Ji Er in class

What is he dreaming about ?

On the other hand, Xiang is still uneasy with Can’s appearance resulting to his lack of confidence.

Then, W and W’s ex-fiance met for dinner not to rekindle their love but to intimidate each other.

Next day, after the meeting of Pili’s basketball team, Ji Er who is just outside (after the conversation with Da Ying) received a text from Xiang which is intended for Qui Kui. So the revelation begins.

Hot Shot Episode 9

So glad, HE turn out to be the unlikely hero for the game. HE was able to catch the fiery assist from YDY and got the shot on time. Yehey! lol! This goes to show that Pili5 players are improving. It is no longer a DFX-YDY show only, now it involves the rest of the time. But of course the shot won’t be possible if not for the great assist from DFX and then YDY.

So the team rejoices aside from DFX who have was is affected by the presences of the scary looking Can.

Okay, if last week episode makes a lot of emotion high, this week I think a lot were disappointed in the lack of action in terms of the DFX-Ji Er-YDY’s triangle of love. But when it comes to BASKETBALL this episode got loads of it.

Episode highlights : appearance of the evil looking Can, the sneaky triplets and the appearance of Qiu Kui (and everybody is now commenting that she really is JI ER).

I guess I was wrong about my first impression of this episode. Last night I was able to catch a glimpse of it in our tv but decided to put it off since I thought it was not a good epi. I was late tuning in, i think the epi is already half way finished when I saw it.

But today, I was able to catch the first part and man was I delighted. I was telling myself that the drama was going on a downhill but for this week I think it showed something that many of us are waiting. The DFX confession. lol!