Pardon me

for the barrage of Twilight pose. This only shows how frustrated not to get that book. haha. Help me! lol. Actually a blogger friend have already offered me an ebook but I declined the offer since I feel that I would appreciate the Twilight series more if I am holding the book. I am also thinking if I am going to buy the hard bound though it is expensive.

Partial Official List from BFAD

In last night news the partial official list of recalled products due to MELAMINE was announced. I was listening to the list and was somehow wondering if I should throw the CARNATION CALCIUM PLUS NON FAT MILK I have at home because it is on BFAD list. Though I bought the milk I think a month ago. So is it still affected ? Too bad I already throw its box. I cannot confirmed if its from China. For the PARTIAL LIST of RECALLED Products please visit the BFAD website.

On the other hand, if you are a merchant wanting to explore ECOMMERCE you might want to check out

Busy Bee

I am a busy bee nowadays. There are a lot of things that need to be done but seems I always run out of time. Sometimes I lost myself and forget my priorities. Like right now, I need to be searching for some franchise opportunity
in an attempt to come up with some business ideas. But instead here I am blogging and plurking. Oh well, I really need to start moving and be proactive.

Popularity: 1% [?]


or should I say most of the time, the call center support of my dsl pisses me off bigtime! Last night, I already reported a problem to them. I cannot access one of the website that I needed to access everyday. And that website is so important. The call center agent told me that there might be a congestion on the line of the host but i told him I don’t think so because I can access the site through Monsterproxy.

So Happy!

I wanted to take a break from the review by saying one thing that really made my day, yesterday. While I was walking towards the door, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, its seems the reflection is saying something that I have wanted a long time ago. I stared at the mirror to confirm what I am seeing. It was there but I need someone to confirm it.

To download or not ?

My mind is debating on whether or not I am going to download some of my favorite dramas. Since everytime I want to watch these drama I can go to any of my fave online streaming site and watch. But sometimes I wanted to watch on tv. Since the screen of my laptop is small so there’s the need to download. I don’t want to buy those DVDs that are being sold here since most if not all have low quality and crappy english subs.

The Johnson n Johnson Baby

Every mom are a little bit careful when choosing the product that there baby will used. From the milk to the medicine and even the bath time products their baby will use. Most of the time they will use product that were already tried and tested by moms they personally know. And when you say tried and tested one company comes to mind – Johnson n Johnson. JnJ’sconsumer products are geared on being the mildest and the best option for babies. For me, my little girl’s bathtime would always consist of JnJ products. Right now here are the products she is using.

On the lookout

Eversince its started raining, I have seen the increase numbers of flying mosquito in our house. I am a little bit worried especially when I hear reports about dengue outbreak. I know I am a little bit paranoid but I believe its better safe that sorry.

So last week I ask my sister to buy an insect repellant for my little girl. But she told me the insect repellant that is being both over the counter might be a little too strong for the little girl’s skin. Now, we would be first asking her pedia what’s the best among skin care products that we can use for Anevay.

Work in Progress

There are too many things that are on my mind right now. I am struggling so bad in terms of time management. Something that I never had a problem when I was in the office. Right now, I need to squeeze in exercise time, mommy time, blogging time and sauna time. lol!

Unfortunately I cannot draft a suitable sched since everything is dependent on my little one. Yesterday, I have given up some more time in the treadmill so that I can squeeze in some sauna time. The sauna has been set up and I was already to take my seat and looking for some soothing time. And then the little girl woke up, so I scrap my SAUNA TIME.

Refreshing visit

My two friends from my previous office have visited us on Anevay’s 2nd birthday. Actually they were already for the party since they arrived at around 9pm. They took the long route from LIBIS to CUBAO to MARIKINA.

The moment they saw me they said that I was a wee bit different from the last time we met. That’s because of my weight gain. But they told me that my skin was back to normal, no more rashes, no more spot. I have always been plagued by rashes every since i got LUPUS. So they were glad seeing my skin improving. They even told me that my skin is whiter that ever.