Miss No Good Last Episode

will be aired this coming Sunday. And although I really don’t like Rainie Yang’s portrayal of her character here, Wilbert Pan was enough motivation for me to keep watching. lol. But kidding aside, the drama has a nice storyline. Though the general plot is ordinary ugly duckling meets the arrogant prince charming, they clashed but later feel in love. There is a twist though in the drama. Rainie’s identity and her mother. The previous episode has a heart and though I am quite irritated by Rainie (do I have to keep saying this? hahaha) I would still say she is quite an actress. Since the drama is nearing its ending I was more interested on it than LOB. But needless to say LOB is still interesting. I wonder what drama will replaced Miss No Good?

It isn't HOT SHOT

Many of us are anticipating the drama that will replaced the timeslot of They Kiss Again. TKA is being aired here in the Philippines and will have its finale Friday of next week. When I heard the advertisement that it will end soon I was thinking what drama will take over TKA’s schedule.

Hana Kimi and then Romantic Princess were aired just before TKA here in the Philippines. And then there was an ad already for HOT SHOT in ABS CBN. So I think a lot of televiewers were expecting that HOT SHOT might be the one to be aired after TKA. But because HOT SHOT is still being shown in TAIWAN I know that will not be the case.

Miss No Good Episode 1 to 6

Have you been watching this drama ? While browsing through the MYSOJU site last week, I saw that the said drama was marked as HOT. I am not sure why. But I ended up watching it. Oh h3ck! I needed to do a lot of fast forwarding because I am really annoyed by Rainie’s acting and voice ( good thing I was viewing the video with english sub so it doesn’t matter if I mute it. lol.)

another drama that is currently airing in Taiwan with the same time slot as Hot Shot. This stars Rainie Yang.

Here is the synopsis :

Jiang Xiao Hua is a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When prince charming Jia Si Le came back from Japan wishing to marry her, she blackmailed Tang Men, a poison-tongue style guru, into helping her become a lady.

MySoju has until Episode four of this drama with english subs.

I will be watching the sub episodes and will be posting a review after I found the right discount furniture.

Last night, I watch this drama again. I was on the sixth episode I think when I got sidetracked because I was able to grab three online opportunities. Yes! Three! I am one lucky woman. So I decide to close my browser that have Why Why Love episodes with deepest regret. lol.

I admit, although I am a wee bit old for this kind of drama, I still get giddy with the Mike He and Rainie Yang tandem. Just like the feeling I have for the Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin combination. That’s why after watching Devil Beside You I went to dramawiki to check if they still have a drama together. And that’s why I ended up watching this. Eventhough there are negative feedback about it. I just wanted to see Mike He’s handsome face. haha.

I have been seeing this drama in AZNV but I don’t want to watch it because of its poster plus synopsis.

Here is the synopsis :