I thought I would be offline for the rest of the day since my dsl provider was having problem in our area. I just discovered it during the wee hours of the morning and when I was already calling their support so that I can switched to dial up to check my mails, my connection was back! Hallelujiah.

I just realized how my life is dictated by technology. And how it can be ruined by just not having a connection for a day. Who could blame me? The part time job I am doing is dependent on my connection. And now that I don’t have during the night I loss some few bucks. Oh well.

Early Morning Rant

Every morning, after preparing the breakfast for the little one, I would turn on my laptop to check emails, see stats. Last night, because I was talking to the husband I told myself I would do all task in the morning before we go to the mall to buy my nephew his badminton racket. He lost his old one in school and his competition is coming up so the ever spoiler aunt in me told him will buy one tomorrow. lol.

Unendless rant

againts PLDT…lol!

After the fix that was done to our phone lines a couple of weeks back, I again experienced slow internet connection last week. It started Tuesday night. My sister told me that they cannot connect to the Internet. Then from Wednesday onwards my internet is crawling. True, we have to laptop sharing the connection but even if you divide the speed by two it won’t give you a 100kbps speed. Yap, that slow.

One difficult customer

thats me! lol! But I am being difficult because I am receiving crappy service from PLDT.

And this are the reason why I choose to be a difficult customer :

  • I reported a problem to their hotline last Saturday night. Their engineer called me in the morning asked for my speed. When he saw that  my speed is already 1000mbps, he just told me to monitor
  • I told the engineer about the inconsistency of the speed I am getting and he told me na ganun daw talaga especially if there are many user. I answered back that his reasoning is not acceptable since why should they have different plans if all user will share the same speed, d ba?

Another DSL rant!

I was quite furious this morning because of PLDT’s crappy customer service. Actually, my connection problem began last night while talking to hubby. And while I am doing an entry. I called 171 to report about my dsl and they wanted me to connect to the modem directly because they needed daw the correct IP. I answered him that with or without the switch the IP is still the same because I verified it a lot of times.

This morning the problem got worst. The LED for the DSL is off!

And this is the switch na lagi nilang pinagdidiskitahan.

Rebate for PLDT users

I am not really sure when it started. All I know was that I am having intermittent connection for the past few days. I called their helpdesk (171) and told them of my problem.

My first call was a few days ago and the call center agent asked me if I am using a router. I told her I am using DLink, so she told me to connect directly to their modem to get the IP. It turns out that the IP I got when I was wireless (via the DLINK) and the IP I got when I am connected directly to their modem was the same. So she told me to do an ipconfig/release only to get an error message. The lady on the other line told me she would tell their technical group and give me a feedback. After the call, my connection was still intermittent.


I got intermittent internet connection yesterday and that pisses me off. Really that’s one of the factors that can really get into me. So i’ve done another speedtest today and called PLDT. Funny, when I already filed a complain and was asked to do the speedtest again, it showed 2000+mbps. Wow! That was the highest ever. I did the test again and here was lowered but am still happy. Lookie…

My connection is very very decent, don’t you think ? That’s why I can watch Asian dramas without the buffering.

If you want to test the speed of your isp go to