No Water, No Moon

I already got Bamboo’s first solo album. Oh yes, I got it once it was available at the record bars. I am fan ever since he started in Rivermaya. I super love his voice and the way he sings. I can say that I love all the songs in his album. Sometimes his song reminds me of Jason Mraz though I think he has his own original style. The message of his songs are hidden and I love to read the lyrics and derived the meaning. Yes, I already have the songs in my phone.

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Last week during the school break I took the time to watch some romantic comedy movie. The first one that I watched is a bit of a disappointment and I don’t know why I have watched it. The movie Spread which stars Ashton Kutcher is not the typical plot that I wish to watch but still I watched it. lol. I dislike Ashton Kutcher’s character here. And I think the movie does not have a good ending. Well, I used the forward button a lot of times so I have not understand the whole story. It’s just that the movie is too graphical for me. hahaha.

Good Old Memories

Last week there was a time that I was so down. It goes with my LUPUS. There are times when depression strikes and I cannot do anything about it but find something that would lift my spirit up. And so I started looking into youtube videos. And I am so glad I did because I got a good dose of Bamboo. Oh yeah! I am a fan of him. When I saw him perform for the first time, that was when I was in highschool, that was I think in 1994. They are performing in Eat Bulaga and singing their first ever single Ulan. Bamboo was holding a banner that has the design of their album cover. It was self titled album. From then on I started searching about them and have followed them. I just stopped my obsession with them when Bamboo left the band. And yes, it feels good to hear and see their videos from Ulan to Awit ng Kabataan, 20 million, hate, bring me down, princess of disguise, flowers etc. I know all their songs in their first two album by heart and until today even if I am a mom, I still swooned when I hear Bamboo’s voice. And indeed a great cure for my depression.

ReWatching…Harry Potter!

The first movie of Harry Potter has been the first movie that the husband and I saw as a couple. Oh yes! For that reason alone it was memorable for me. I cannot forget how amazed we are at the kids who are watching with us at that time. They cannot help themselves from commenting and talking. That was I think almost 10 years ago. Fast forward to now, I am watching the movie again in our house and my five year old daughter as my partner. And I am so amazed on how she understand the story and she can really relate. In her young age, I was expecting her to be scared or be bored with the movie but I was wrong. She was so eager to watch it and kept on asking questions to me. She makes me remember those kids in the movie house. And I wish I have the husband to help me out with the answers.


I bought a 8gb memory stick and I was hoping that the sales person was right about the tv that I bought. That it can play AVI files. Unfortunately it did not. And so I wanted to send it back to the store. haha. Of course, I can’t. So I just decided that we will just give it to my in laws on Christmas. Well, that would be one of our list. And I must say we really have a long list right now that I decided to start buying gifts on the last week of December.

Hello, Patrick Jane!

One of the most thrilling episode of The Mentalist last season is its last two episode. Midway to Season 3 I already wanted to give up watching it because it doesn’t spice up my interest anymore. But the husband told me to watch the season finale and boy I am so glad. The ending was an end to the cat and mouse chase of Patrick Jane and Red John. So, now that season four will be shown tomorrow I am looking forward to what will happen now that Patrick have killed a guy whom he believes to be Red John? I can’t wait!

Missing our TV!

I don’t know how many weeks now that our TV was broken. And until now I still have not get any replacement for it nor attempt for a repair. The husband told me just to buy a new one but I am hesitant. Not having a TV has its benefits to the little girl but when boredom strikes I have to entertained her because she is looking for the tube. So I think it’s time that we buy one. My sister has already been asking me a lot of times when I would be purchasing one. I guess it would be soon.

Without TV

I don’t know what is the cause but our TV just turned off all by itself while my daughter was watching. When I am trying to turn it on, it just won’t. So, I guess it’s busted. We had our LCD tv for two years now and according to friends, the average life of LCD for them is two years. Seems we have reached our mark. Now, the daughter is complaining that she cannot watch. I just let her play in the PC or on her IPAD to brush off her boredom. The husband is telling me to buy a new one. I am still thinking what is the best option. I am giving myself two weeks to think. haha.

In Youtube

In there first quarter exam, our little girl is expected to know the numbers from 1 to 100. Unfortunately at that time she is confused when it comes to numbers ending in ty. Instead of ty, she pronounced it teen. I was thinking how to correct it and help her memorized the numbers. I then thought of searching for videos in youtube. And of course, there are a lot of videos in counting. I made her watch the videos and guess what she was able to know them. Aside from the number song I also found some phonics song. Instead of the usual ABC song, they have the letter sound which help her a lot also.

Junior Master Chef

I know it’s pilot episode was aired yesterday but unfortunately I haven’t seen it. I know because I received a text message from a friend telling me about it. Well, she is an employee of the said station. And then the location of the program is just near our place, just beside Marikina hotel. Because of this, I am hoping that kids/students might be able to watch the show in the set. But I think as of the moment it is not possible.

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