The Final Set

I am a big a fan of YOUTUBE and its uploader. If I missed something offline, I would search youtube and I would be able to find it. Take for example the ERASERHEADS concert last March 7. I found a lot of high quality video of the concert, if you would watch every video that is availabe you might seem to have watched the whole concert. lol. But of course nothing beats being there LIVE!

I was thinking how it was so ironic that before the first and second concert someone dear to Ely passed away. First was his mom during their first concert and now Francis M. Actually Francis M is supposed to guest on the concert and sing this with the band.

Kaleidoscope World

Yesterday, the ashes of Francis Magalona was laid to rest in Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina. While I was watching the footages of the burial on tv I cannot help but be happy and sad. FrancisM was too young to die. He was only 44 and have left eight children behind. But hates of to his wife, Pia, who really shows courage and strength throughout the ordeal. I saw almost her interview and really I am amazed of how she can be so calm and you can see she in her eyes she is mourning but she was able to not show it.

Don’t you like it?


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When you don’t have anything to write on your TO DO LIST. But I think if you are in the situation as the one above you would be irritated, right? That’s what I am feeling right now. Just when I am not in the mood to do anything I have no choice but to move and work. Well, my mind is in a jumbled state right now so I am writing incoherently. But one thing I am sure….I AM NOT IN THE MOOD!

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