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Here’s to all positive things this coming 2009!

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Last Day of the Year

Before I go on a cleaning and cooking marathon, I blogged. lol. Blogging has been a part of my life for 2008. Why not ? Since blogging cured my longing for my husband and its also a form of communication between me and him. Through my mommy blog I can update him of what’s going on.

Unfortunately I am going to greet the new year with a bit of a sickness that I have been nursing two or three weeks back. Seems my immune system is at a low. It’s already given since I have LUPUS. I am looking forward to next week so that I can visit my rheumatology and to know what’s been bugging me.

Just here

and browsing. Spending my days and nights watching through online streaming again that I have no time to blog. lol!

My hormones have been acting up like crazy maybe because of PMS. You might notice that I removed my cbox on both blogs. Well, its a hard decision to make. I really love reading messages from the tagboard but weighing things through, I think my blog can live without it.

Right now, google analytics is running reports for my two blog. This blog reported a 50% bounce rate (worse) and the other one is 70% (WORST!). Although the numbers are bad, I am still happy that I can view such report. I’m obsessing in lowering my bounce rate. lol.