pc fight

I don’t really watch Pacquiao’s fight anymore since I am not really a big boxing fan and I know it only has one outcome. Him winning his bout. haha. Yeah, I am that confident of Manny Pacquiao’s skill as a boxer. But I know on March 13, the streets here in our country would be empty again. Houses will be filled with people shouting their encouragement even if they are just watching television. For some they would watched the live broadcast on malls and restaurants. If you are looking for such places here are the locations where you can watch the Pacquiao – Clottey fight as posted at abs-cbnnews.com.

Jay Z’s Thank You

The country is still rejoicing over the victory of Manny Pacquiao’s victory over Cotto. I did not watched the fight. haha. As I told the husband, I never watched it because I knew of the result already. There would be a winner and a loser. And I can wait for the result via twitter updates. haha. I also would rather look into the Free People product rather than look into two people pounding each others face. Don’t get me wrong. I salute Manny but I am not a big fan of boxing. That Sunday I was blogging while our tv is glued to Playhouse disney.

After making history happens and the country proud, Manny Pacquiao is on the middle of a controversy right now. Even before his fight there was a rumor already that is linking him to Krista Ranillo, a Filipina actress who is his leading lady on his soon to be shown movie. According to reports, Manny and Krista has a rendezvous in Hongkong before they proceed to Las Vegas where the fight was held.