Love or Bread (The Finale)

I was checking on some of the sites I frequent and realized that Love or Bread is airing its final episode tonight. I was only able to watch until episode two or three of this drama. I am planning to watch the whole drama if I have time. It looks like the drama failed to even matched the ISWAK or TKA rating eh? So what does the drama lacks? Ariel and Joe are there. Is it the story or the role of the two? Don’t ask me since I haven’t watched it in full length, my laptop is currently having a mind of its own and does not one to play any online video. urgh! One thing is sure though. I do not like a loud Joe Cheng. lol.

Wow, my last LOB update was a month ago. Meaning, I missed a couple of episodes now. Seven episodes at that. I planned to watched them with english subs today but I fall asleep so the watching have to wait. But last Sunday I tried watching the unsubbed episodes and I don’t find it appealing right now. So I guess I have to really watched episode 3 to 9 with english subs.

I haven’t been religiously updating this blog for the weekly review of LOB. Somehow I could not find time nor interest in doing it. I don’t really know why. Somehow dramas loss their magic in me. I would rather read a book that watch right now.

Love or Bread Episode 1

It all started with Frank having a dream that he is filthy rich and then Shan Mei going to the office and being congratulated by her office mate (turns out that her office mate aren’t really happy for her). Shan Mei works as a telemarketer who calls those who cannot settle their credit card debts. That’s how she met Frank. At the time she called Frank, there are goons who are beating up Frank and fortunately one of them accidentally move the phone which was the way for Shan Mei to hear Frank being tortured. So she rushed over to Frank’s home and she was able to save him.

I am a little bit posting about this drama since it already aired its pilot episode in Taiwan last Sunday @ 10pm. This drama is the third collaboration of Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng so there are a lot of Arjoe fanatics out there who are waiting for this one.

Synopsis of Love or Bread from DramaWiki: