I am still debating whether I should switch to using blinds in our rooms. While thinking about the pros and cons I’ll just write my thoughts first about LJK’s current drama.

A lot of my visitors on this blog are asking for the website where they can watch Hero for free. Hero is the new Korean Drama of Lee Jun Ki. Unfortunately, I only know one website and it’s not really that updated. I know uploading the video plus putting English subs on it takes a lot of time. That’s why I tell those who send me comments to be patient. It’s already a blessing that there are good souls out there who devote their time to translate the conversation into English. It’s not an easy job you know. Now, I am glad that even it’s just one episode mysoju has just posted links to it. Hopefully, in time the drama would be complete.

Hero with English Subs

At long last I finally found what I am looking for. Lee Jun Ki’s latest drama Hero is now available with english subbed. Yahoo! That made my day. I know there are videos out there in youtube for it but they are being hidden to avoid being deleted as per request of MBC. haha. I hope I can find time to watch it next week. Right now I can’t because I am on a rush. And I remembered reading that Iljimae will be shown here in the Philippines. What happen to that news? Oh well.

Popularity: 1% [?]

Still Unsuccessful

Every time I am online ever since I read about LJK’s new drama, I have been looking on sites where I can find english subs of it. Unfortunately, until today nobody is subbing it! So sad ;(. I think MBC is also monitoring if there would be uploaded dramas online. I remember they requested the deletion of episodes of ILJIMAE in the past. I hope somebody would be subbing HERO in the near future. I end up watching lots of Lee Jun Ki videos in youtube today! haha.

Popularity: 1% [?]


Today is the day! The pilot episode of  Lee Jun Ki’s Hero will be shown. I am checking the websites I know but unfortunately they don’t have a page yet dedicated to the drama and subs. I hope someone will devote their time so that we can watch the episodes of Heroes with English subs for free! While surfing I found some pictures and videos that made my day. Though he seems like a girl, I still find LJK cute. But I don’t intend on putting this pictures on my cell phones. That’s a good idea! haha. Nah, I am not that crazy yet.


It was a spur of the moment. A little whim I gave in and I almost shout for joy with what I learned. Okay, let me cut the chase. I just had the urged to search on what’s latest about Lee Jun Ki. haha. I was watching a lakorn which remind me of the scene from Time Between Dog and Wolf. When I checked on dramawiki today they changed the photo of him that is posted on their site.

Here is the new picture :


Pictures! Pictures!

Early this morning before I head off to my doctors appointment I found myself surfing the net for something new. I realized I miss seeing Lee Jun Ki. lol. Okay, for this one allow me some fan girling moment. hahaha. And I was a little bit surprised to stumble upon this picture…

20090412_leejunki I don’t know what to feel. lol. This is an album cover which was leaked last month. He also have a fan meet wherein 4000 tickets were sold in just a few minutes. Imagine that!And then I saw this  picture. He might be young but h3ck he really is an eye candy.

The Return of Iljimae

I have been seeing a lot of hits about Iljimae and this got me curious. I have been out of the drama loop for quite some time now and I was so curious as to why the raised of the popular of the drama again. I was so excited assuming Lee Jun Ki is back on acting.

So I started to research. And I saw some news. First I saw this picture.

I admit I don’t really watch movies online. Because as compared to dramas, the movie are way to short for me. I only watch English movies. But because I was craving for more LJK after I watched Time Between Dog and Wolf, I decided to watch Fly Daddy Fly over Virgin Snow and The King and the Clown.

My Opinion : ILJIMAE

Beware : This entry was written by someone who never watched a historical drama in full. But somehow she made an exception because of the cast of this drama and she has a big crush on Lee Jun Ki. lol. And she watched the last remaining two three episodes after reading a lot of reactions and write ups about the ending. haha.

Everybody is talking about Lee Jun Ki’s Iljimae. So it reminded me that I never wrote about one of the best action Kdrama that I have watched. A drama that endeared me and made me an LJK fan. lol. The thing is, I don’t really watched action movie unless it is an American movie. At first I was hesitant to watch because, one it is ACTION, second I remember how annoyed I was in LJK’s appearance in My Girl. I don’t like his hair there.