I’ve watched this last week but I was so busy to do a writeup.

Actually I have long been wanting to watch this since I saw it in AZNV but at that time I was having buffer issue on their side. So I put in hold. As always, its a KIMURA TAKUYA drama so I am looking forward to watching it. As I have said in the past, KIMUTAKU’s dramas are worth your time.

It 5:30

and the little girl and I are awake already. She was crying around 4am so I decided to go out of the room and when she saw her toys she was already smiling.

Now, I am blogging while she is playing with her laptop. I slept at 1am because I was watching GOODLUCK. I have finished its 4th episode and so far so good. It’s Kimura Takuya, what would you expect right. I hope I can finished the series tonight.

Popularity: 1% [?]

Currently Watching

After three lakorns, I am craving for more quality and worth watching drama. And if you wanted something worth watching it would always be good to check the dramas of KIMUTAKU. Yeah. Who else ? I wanted some more Jerry Yan but the rating of ‘THE HOSPITAL’ and the feedback is not that could. I am afraid it might tarnish my budding admiration to him if I watch it. lol.

So, I decided to watch GOODLUCK, wherein Kimura Takuya stars as a pilot. I only has 10 episode so I am predicting I can finish it by tomorrow if my DSL would cooperate. lol.

We need an Asakura Keita!

I already finished watching Change. As usual, Kimura Takuya’s acting is one for the books. Although the last part get me bored because of the lengthy speech of Keita. But I must admit I would rather watched it than listen to GMA’s SONA.

This drama recently ended and its now that I remembered it. This drama stars none other that the great KIMURA TAKUYA. For me any drama that has KIMUTAKU in it is worth watching.

Synopsis from dramawiki :

The story begins with the deaths of ruling party’s Fukuoka legislator and his eldest son, his heir apparent, in an accident. It is decided that a by-election will be held, and Kanbayashi Masaichi, the leader of the ruling party, and secretary Miyama Rika conceive the idea of fielding the second son, Asakura Keita, who had been renounced by his father.

I watched this drama because one it has Kimura Takuya. I equate KimuTaku to great dramas. Two, i love the synopsis its all bout a not so typical public prosecutor. And last, according to Wiki, Hero is a Japanese drama series that aired in Japan on Fuji TV in 2001. In 2006, a two-hour special miniseries for the television series was broadcast. Hero holds the #1 average TV rating record over the 25 years in Japan (34.3%). It’s so successful that it was made into a film as HERO the Movie after a long time in 2007, which reached #3 on 2007 yearly chart in Japan.