Soulmate (Synopsis and English Subs)

Yesterday we went to the province to visit my older sister and her newly born daughter. It made me think of buying her a new Bob stroller among other baby stuff that I see. I am again turning into a doting aunty. Anyway, while we were visiting I caught a glimpse of Soulmate. Seems like somebody from their household is watching it or have watched it. And it made me realized that I haven’t written a review of it. Which really is a pity because this drama is a good one. Well, that’s from my point of view because I know some were a bit disappointed of its ending. The synopsis in Dramawiki is a bit general so I’ll make a synopsis based on what I have watched. The drama is about Shin Dong Wook (who by the way is an eye candy with his long hair. lol!) who is a playboy. He went to a matchmaking date (which we all know is popular in Korea) and met Hong Yu Jin. In the twist of event, though poles apart Dong Wook and Yu Jin end up together. Then there’s another couple on the start of the drama – Phillip who have proposed to Lee Soo Kyung but later on end up apart. So, why did the drama was entitled SOULMATE? Well, you can see how Dong Wook and Soo Kyung evades fate yet their are circumstances that they can avoid which pulls them together. See what happen to this couple by watching it on mysoju.

I am looking at the list of Asian dramas in There are a lot of new ones so I am looking if there is something that would interest me. And then I saw the title How To Meet a Perfect Neigbor. I remember last year there are a lot of people who are waiting for the english subs of this drama but unfortunately I think the subbers went on an unannounced holiday. lol. Anyway, when I saw that its completed already I took the chance of watching the first two episodes.

I am trying to look for dramas that I wanna watched that looks interesting and I have been seeing that there are a lot of people who are following this drama so it perk my attention enough to post it here but not to be on the top of the list of MUCH watch yet — East of Eden.

Here is the synopsis :

And so what do you thought of the Korean Version? I know I am so late in tuning in on this drama and in fact I haven’t started watching it but I only got a taste of the first episode and man, can I say the four are gorgeous. lol! I am not sure if many would agree or disagree with me but I think among the three versions (Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean) I prefer the Korean guys. haha.

It’s been a long time since I watch a Kdrama so while I was browsing through and Love Marriage is one of the drama on their hot list. I took the gamble and watched.

The first thing that bug me about this drama is the hair of the lead actress. lol. Though I’ve seen a worst hair in Rainie in Miss No God. lol. But in contrast to Rainie, the lead actress sported that hair all through out the drama.

This will be making its debut on Philippine TV tonight on ABS CBN.

Starring Eugene who is familiar among Filipino viewers since she had two or three Kdramas aired on local tv. I think ABS loves Eugene. lol.

You can catch the synopsis of this drama in DRAMAWIKI. But here’s my version :

I admit I don’t really watch movies online. Because as compared to dramas, the movie are way to short for me. I only watch English movies. But because I was craving for more LJK after I watched Time Between Dog and Wolf, I decided to watch Fly Daddy Fly over Virgin Snow and The King and the Clown.