Nine Ball

Before I go and look for diets that work because I really need it since I feel I am overweight, I would like to share with you a Taiwanese drama that I just discovered but has been aired a long time ago. It’s about billiard and it starts Joe Cheng. lol.

Synopsis from dramawiki :

Season Three for ISWAK?

I received a comment just a couple of days ago that makes me wonder if its true or just a rumor. Well, its about the comeback of the duo of Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin as husband and wife on the season three for It Started with a Kiss. I know a lot of fans are waiting for that but we can only hope. I was searching the net for news of it but all i came up are rumors and no confirmation yet. The farthest I was able to find was that according to the forum, the wife of the writer knows how the husband would like the story to end. Seems like Ariel’s character would overcome her night blindness and give birth to twins. Oh oh! lets just wait and see.

Love or Bread (The Finale)

I was checking on some of the sites I frequent and realized that Love or Bread is airing its final episode tonight. I was only able to watch until episode two or three of this drama. I am planning to watch the whole drama if I have time. It looks like the drama failed to even matched the ISWAK or TKA rating eh? So what does the drama lacks? Ariel and Joe are there. Is it the story or the role of the two? Don’t ask me since I haven’t watched it in full length, my laptop is currently having a mind of its own and does not one to play any online video. urgh! One thing is sure though. I do not like a loud Joe Cheng. lol.

Love or Bread Episode 1

It all started with Frank having a dream that he is filthy rich and then Shan Mei going to the office and being congratulated by her office mate (turns out that her office mate aren’t really happy for her). Shan Mei works as a telemarketer who calls those who cannot settle their credit card debts. That’s how she met Frank. At the time she called Frank, there are goons who are beating up Frank and fortunately one of them accidentally move the phone which was the way for Shan Mei to hear Frank being tortured. So she rushed over to Frank’s home and she was able to save him.

I am a little bit posting about this drama since it already aired its pilot episode in Taiwan last Sunday @ 10pm. This drama is the third collaboration of Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng so there are a lot of Arjoe fanatics out there who are waiting for this one.

Synopsis of Love or Bread from DramaWiki:

Love or Bread

I know I am too old for this kind of thing but I am young at heart. lol. I am thrilled to hear that Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng, of course of the It Started with a Kiss fame will be working for the third time.

Yeah, I admit though I am a bit irritated at Ariel Lin’s character in ISWAK still I love both.

To know more about this drama head over to the ISWAKFANSUBS BLOG. They have a link there for two videos regarding the drama (BTS and PRESS CONFERENCE). My guess is this will air take over HOT SHOT’s time slot when it ended.

I think this was produced in between It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again. In here, Joe Cheng is paired to a different actress. An actress who is just a supporting role in They Kiss Again.

Synopsis from Drama Wiki :

Because of one dollar, Xia Ya befallen many unfortunate events. When she feels like all hope has lost, an angel comes and gives her one dollar which saves her life. She falls in love with that angel, who is a model dressed in an angel outfit. But he is no angel – he is the devil in disguise, Ouyang Lei, the younger brother of her best friend, Ouyang Yu Yan.

If you are a fan of Ella or Joe Cheng and wanted to watch them in a drama then The Rose is for you. This taiwanese drama made me want to grow roses in my garden. lol. But of course this isn’t about gardening. Its about a dysfunctional family who becomes more dysfunctional as the story unfolds. lol.

But you can see a different Ella and Joe Cheng here. Especially Joe Cheng. lol. Although he seems crazy here I like his acting. He seems to be a good actor.

Here is the synopsis from DramaWiki :

TKA shown in the Philippines

Actually this is a delayed post. They Kiss Again started airing here in the Philippines weeks ago already. I was able to watch the first week but really I am not a big fan of dubbed dramas. Although I can say ABS dubbing is way better than GMA. GMA’s dubbing sound so comical for me.

At first, I told myself to continue on watching because I was curious if ABS will air that bed scene between Joe Cheng and Ariel lin. And it was not. It was CUT. If that is an indication then a lot of kissing scene will not be aired making some sweet scene disappear. So disappointing.