The Return of Iljimae

I have been seeing a lot of hits about Iljimae and this got me curious. I have been out of the drama loop for quite some time now and I was so curious as to why the raised of the popular of the drama again. I was so excited assuming Lee Jun Ki is back on acting.

So I started to research. And I saw some news. First I saw this picture.

My Opinion : ILJIMAE

Beware : This entry was written by someone who never watched a historical drama in full. But somehow she made an exception because of the cast of this drama and she has a big crush on Lee Jun Ki. lol. And she watched the last remaining two three episodes after reading a lot of reactions and write ups about the ending. haha.

The Ending of ILJIMAE

And so many are complaining about the ending. Don’t ask me yet how I feel because I haven’t watched it so I cannot give my review. I have just been reading a lot of comments and violent reactions (lol!). Some don’t understand the ending, maybe because there weren’t English subs available yet. This drama is creating an uproar not only on Korea but around the world.

At the time of writing, here are the english subs that are available in online video streaming sites that I frequent :

AZNV has until Episode 14 of Iljimae with English subs however you will need to play the vids via VLC

Looking For

One time last week I was searching for the Iljimae episodes in YOUTUBE. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find it. So I stopped. I wanted to watch even the raw videos because I just want to see LJK in action. Truth is if not for him I won’t be watching this drama.

I only finished watching 13 english subbed episodes of it. This week it is now on its 19th episode with soaring ratings. Currently number in the whole of Korea. Next week will be its last episode. Many are speculating on its ending especially most Kdramas ended in tragedy. Oh men, I do hope Iljimae won’t die. hehe! And by the way he was named Iljimae because of the drawing of the flower he always left at the scene of the crime he committed.

..this series is currently airing in Korea and how I wish we have SBS in our cable. Even if I don’t understand Korean language I still can see Lee Jun Ki. lol!

I am not a big fan of historical drama. Truth is I cannot tolerate Dae Jang Geum / Jewel In The Palace. I just can’t watch it. But with Iljimae I am making an exception since its LJK. hehe!

Here is the synopsis from DramaWiki :

On Local TV

Last week, I felt the urged to avoid my laptop and sit in front of the tv. At first, I appreciated the Playhouse Disney programs and then just switched on our local tv station when its time for news. I don’t know what got into me but I started watching programs besides the news. Oh welll, I always watch Singing Bee everyday (yeah, really!) but afterwards I switched the tv off and we’ll be heading off to bed. So for a change I stayed to watch LOBO and MY GIRL. While watching TV Patrol to My girl here are some snippets that stuck into my mind.