I’ve watched this last week but I was so busy to do a writeup.

Actually I have long been wanting to watch this since I saw it in AZNV but at that time I was having buffer issue on their side. So I put in hold. As always, its a KIMURA TAKUYA drama so I am looking forward to watching it. As I have said in the past, KIMUTAKU’s dramas are worth your time.

It 5:30

and the little girl and I are awake already. She was crying around 4am so I decided to go out of the room and when she saw her toys she was already smiling.

Now, I am blogging while she is playing with her laptop. I slept at 1am because I was watching GOODLUCK. I have finished its 4th episode and so far so good. It’s Kimura Takuya, what would you expect right. I hope I can finished the series tonight.

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Currently Watching

After three lakorns, I am craving for more quality and worth watching drama. And if you wanted something worth watching it would always be good to check the dramas of KIMUTAKU. Yeah. Who else ? I wanted some more Jerry Yan but the rating of ‘THE HOSPITAL’ and the feedback is not that could. I am afraid it might tarnish my budding admiration to him if I watch it. lol.

So, I decided to watch GOODLUCK, wherein Kimura Takuya stars as a pilot. I only has 10 episode so I am predicting I can finish it by tomorrow if my DSL would cooperate. lol.