Cookie of Magic Palayok

Last Saturday, we went home. Home being the place where I grew up. We went there to pay our last respect to my uncle, the youngest brother of my deceased mother. The interment became a family reunion and was turn into a fun fare later because the star of Magic Palayok is my uncle’s grandchild (she’s my nephew). Almost all those who have attended wants to take a picture of her. I am amazed at the child’s attitude despite that she traveled to and from Pampanga to Manila for her taping and woke up early the next day for the internment she was still all smile and very accommodating. My little girl wants to take a picture with her for a different reason. She really does not know her tv program since she only watch Playhouse Disney but she is glad to play with an older girl.

Hating Kapatid

This movie stars Judy Ann Santos and Sarah Geronimo. I was thinking of some Filipino movies that I could watch and I remembered it. The movie is all about a family where in the parents have to go abroad to work leaving their two kids to their grandma. Because of this situation the older kid ( Judy Ann ) have to take care of her little sister (Sarah G.). As the story unfolds you can see how Judy Ann took care of her sister even letting go of the man she loves because of a certain promise. I cannot help but laugh when she took a picture of all the passengers in the jeepney just in case one of them is a snatcher. The parents were able to come home after so many years of being away but instead of a happy reunion this created a conflict.

The Pantene Girl

Every time I watched the news and there is a commercial break I cannot help but noticed the girl in the Pantene Commercial. I was telling my sister she looks pretty and has angle where she looks like Marian Rivera. Apparently according to my sister she is an actress. Yes, I am sorry I do not know her since all I watched ( if I have time) is Channel 2. The girl is ( to the knowledge of my sister) is PJ Abellana’s daughter and has a drama series in GMA7. Even my sister cannot recall her name. haha. We feel kinda old because of that. And now thanks to google I know her name. Carla. And she is part of the movie of Eugene Domingo — Mammarazi! haha. Forgive this outdated woman. haha.



When my sister is here at home ( she is here every work day ) we would watch some ABS-CBN shows at night. That is if I am not already asleep and snoring. haha. And what entertain us is not the series itself but our exchange of questions as to what already happen. Since we really don’t watch is religiously, most of the time we are lost in the episodes. And then, we would asked each other and end up laughing. Why? Because we realized we cannot answer each other since both of us did not watch the series. lol. And one of series that gives us laughter like this is Magkaribal. We like watching it and look into what Gretchen Baretto is wearing and what bag she is using. The program gives her the opportunity to stage her collection.



Up until this moment I still have no clues on the stars who plays the role of the Untag in Noah. My sister and I are guessing while watching and we always end up laughing. Well, she was able to pick out Anna Capri as one of the tribe members. And right now while surfing the net and looking for the names of the character I realized that Caleb is Baron Geisler. Which my sister was right again. Maybe, my eyes really are not 100% anymore. Anyway, don’t asked me what is happening on the show since I have not watched it for two weeks now. I really am not a fan of teleserye, I just watched them when the mood strikes.

Kidnap or Holdup?

Forgive me for being such a gossip. But of course everyday to keep up with what’s going on around it’s always my habit to watch the early evening news (since we have late night news) and I cannot help but comment sometimes. Ever since the news of Sarah Geronimo’s dad almost kidnapping was broadcast a lot of issues came up especially one that is directed towards safety. Now, even private parking are not safe. That’s eerie. And during the chaos, nobody mentioned about his family. According to the news, seems like the almost abductor of Sarah G.’s dad has a problem with his house. He has debt amounting ot Php 600K or 700k (sorry don’t know the exact number). Last night, his family has spoken. In fact, one of his kids was crying and asking Sarah to forgive their dad. I am not sure if that’s the ploy of the family but I do hope they did not used the kids. They have already been humiliated by the fact that the media kept on repeating their dad’s name and is linked to a crime. And what really irks me was the fact that the wife said that the husband should not be charged of kidnapping but just hold up? And that his husband should be forgiven. I was thinking, they can asked for that consideration from the family because the planned failed. But what if the plan was successful. Then they have put a family into misery just because of money? Imagine that. Well, that is just my two cents.

The Long and Winding Road

After a long silence, Willie Revillame have already spoken. At least now the public nows the real score. He wanted out of ABS-CBN but I still don’t know if the station have released their official statement. Yesterday, we I ordered breakfast from Jollibee, the crew gave me a PhilStar newspaper. I browse on it and read the column of Ricky Lo. I cringed as I read his write up (well, he quoted the statement of Willie) of Willie R. I cannot seem to fanthom the arrogance of the Willie. In his letter to Gabby Lopez, he said that one of his reason why he wants out of the contract was :


My sister and I watched this teleserye when we have time. Not regularly though because most often than not I am already in dream land when the clock strikes 7 or 8pm. But if I am not sleepy and in the mood, we tend to watch it. Why? Because at this point in time I am still interested in its story. I don’t know though in the future. haha. I hope the story gets better.

Popularity: 1% [?]

No Issue

The singing of the national anthem in an important event is always a big deal. More often than not after the event you would read reports of the dissaproval of the singing. So, during the inaguration, I was already waiting for Charice to sing it. I am quite positive that the version would be correct since Ryan Cayabyab is there. And I was right.

Popularity: 1% [?]

Robin on Wowowee

This morning over breakfast we were chatting about Robin Padilla hosting Wowowee and about Willie Revillame’s current situation. Truth is, I never like Willie R. I don’t like his attitude and in general I also don’t like the noon time show in the Philippine TV. I feel sorry for those contestants who are being laughed at. I just can’t take it so I don’t watch those programs. I would rather watch Playhouse disney the whole day. So, we were saying that ladies swooned over Robin P. but ABS CBN caught every one in surprise when they put him there. Imagine that. Well, we have not thought that Edu Manzano will bring joy through Game K na ba ? and Cesar MOntano in The singing Bee, right? So let’s wait and see for the bad boy.