I think this was produced in between It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again. In here, Joe Cheng is paired to a different actress. An actress who is just a supporting role in They Kiss Again.

Synopsis from Drama Wiki :

Because of one dollar, Xia Ya befallen many unfortunate events. When she feels like all hope has lost, an angel comes and gives her one dollar which saves her life. She falls in love with that angel, who is a model dressed in an angel outfit. But he is no angel – he is the devil in disguise, Ouyang Lei, the younger brother of her best friend, Ouyang Yu Yan.

Everyone thought we are in for a FINALE. But I just checked YOUTUBE and there is a PREVIEW for EPISODE 23. And on the comments, they are telling that its actually 24 episodes. I just knew it. Because of the popularity of the drama they really have extended it. So the drama that will star Nicolas Teo (Smilling Pasta) will have to wait.

I haven’t watched any episode yet for EP22. Only part 1 has english sub yet as of this writing. 7am PH time. But if you want you can click here if there are other subs already available.

I was looking for some good drama this week in AZNV. It seems this site is growing with a lot of additional dramas everyday. Since I cannot read books now as a way of unwinding, I always make it a point to watch a good ASIAN DRAMA. It may not be as good as reading a book but somehow through ASIAN DRAMAS, I can see some overview of how other countries look and their manner of living. Also, I am starting to learn some basic words from their languange. lol.