Top EC droppers for July

As a way of thanking those who frequently drop their ECs on my site, I will be replacing the recent EC Dropper widget on my SIDEBAR to my TOP EC DROPPERS for the month.

This is a way of thanking you guys for your continued visit. Also for my top commenters for the month, for this blog and my other blog, I will be displaying your id on MomieSpace. Thanks again!

Popularity: 1% [?]

i had a hard time figuring out on how to get my top entrecard droppers for the month. I have seen a lot of blogs who have been thanking those who have dropped their cards in their blog for the month and the number of times they have dropped their card.

I was thinking, it would be impossible for this bloggers to track their top droppers manually. Hello! That would take a lot of time really. And I search google but somehow all the pages that where indexed have not given me an answer. I was thinking there might have been some kind of plugin for this but on the other hand its not only wordpress blog but also blogspot blog that have this every month.

June Top Entrecard Droppers

Better late than never. Thanks to the following bloggers who always drop their EC on my blog :

Dropper # of drops
A Girl For All Status 11
Fun|Fierce|Fabulous 9
Brown Pinay 7
Shannon’s Introspections 7
All About Mye Life 6
Amazon’s life’s journey from being a wife, a mom and a lupie in remission. 5
Ateneo de La Salle University 4
a housewife’s journal 3
Just Let Go 3
The Pond 3

Popularity: 1% [?]

Why I stopped my EC dropping ?

and why I am removing my Ecard from my two blogs (edit, I won’t be removing my EC yet. I’m doing some experiment).


When I sign up with entrecard I was so excited to try it. Everyday I try to drop ECs as much as I can. But somehow I got tired of dropping my card and then I read about BOUNCE RATE.

Another ENTRECARD post!

The Entrecard site is down right now! I am currently coming up with a list of sites that I would bookmark so that I could drop my card on their site everyday. lol! Addict! I plan to come up with around 300 sites. I found Ty’s method efficient. So I am coming up with my own list and hopefully get to 300.

So have Entrecard help me ? I think so. It really attracts traffic. Most of my visits comes from Entrecard inbox. Here are some of the things I’ve learn as I familiarized myself with Entrecard.

300 drops

If you are an entrecard user you are familiar of what I am talking about. Yap! This morning I manage to accomplish 300 drops. Yeah, I am that addicted to dropping. haha! Although I am not sure why I am addicted ;)

Maybe because Entrecard is one way of pulling traffic to your blog. It’s like doing some search engine marketing. But I think its because through Entrecard I got to read different blogs. And after those visits it got to my knowledge that Entrecard credits can now be exchange for cash. Yap! C-A-S-H! But I am far off to selling mine since I only got around 400+ credits for my two blog.


So you see that yellow card on the right side of my blog ? Well, I’ve seen that sign around but it was not until I read Mari’s entry about it that I decided to sign up.

Actually it was fun having the Entercard. I was addicted to visiting blogs to drop my card. But I can’t seem to find a lot of blogs with entrecard so I decided to google blogs with entrecard. I stumbled upon JoanJoyce entry about Pinoy Entrecard user. Imagine she was able to compile 275 users plus two because she added my two blog right after i left a comment on her entry (isn’t she nice ?).  I haven’t finished the list yet. hehehe! Still clicking and dropping.