This is a Korean Drama that has a lot of crying. It made me cry a lot of times. And this is type of drama that I wanted to avoid. But why did I watched it? Because I am drawn to the drama and a lot of those who have watched it are raving about it. And that made me curious (as curious about nutritional health supplements you know ). So here’s the synopsis :

I am trying to find some discount lingerie but I was distracted when I saw the title of the new Taiwanese drama of Ming Dao. Though I am not a fan of the man but I do love to watch his drama because most of his projects are worth watching. This also stars Coco Jiang (W of Hot Shot). But what is interesting in this drama is the contrast between the synopsis and the poster. The synopsis talks about Dylan Kuo’s ( I haven’t seen any drama of this actor yet) character who have encountered bankruptcy and needed to restore their business by learning the ropes of the trade by being educated by Yao Zi Wang (Maggie Wu) who is a shrewd, successful businessman. In the process Dylan Kuo seems to fall in love with her but before he figures out his true feelings Ming Dao showed in the picture. So, who would Maggie Wu end up with. And when you see the poster you can see that Maggie Wu is hugging Ming Dao, so would that mean Ming Dao would end up with Coco Jiang. hmm. Isn’t that interesting?

This is a Korean Drama that I plan to watch (after I buy some pet beds that my sister is asking me to buy). Why? Because I am interested when I read it’s synopsis. The story is about a rich man who tried switching his life with a poor man who just look like him. Then in the synopsis there is a mention of a girl who studies at fashion design school in Paris but returns to Korea after her life is turned upside down when her father dies. Now, isn’t the drama a bit mysterious? My first thought was what will be the connection of the girl with the main character. Would she fall in love with the rich or poor guy? And what’s the relationship of the rich and poor guy? Why do they look alike. Of course I would get the answer if I watched the drama. But would this drama be interesting as the synopsis. Or would be draggy? Well, let see. English subs can be found here.