Prentiss OUT, JJ IN!

I found myself bored this weekend. But I am too lazy to move nor work. So, I thought of something that would spiked my interest and end up watching the last three recent episode of Criminal Minds. Of course, I watched after I check on the cheap car insurance which my husband was asking to review.

I missed CM! And the episodes I was able to watch are really good and I found myself pressing the pause button to catch my breath. lol. Since I did not read any preview nor any feedback, I was surprised to see JJ come back! And since I already know that Prentiss will soon bid the show goodbye, when she was already having trouble I knew that her end is coming near.

Which FIRST?

I am a bit tired. Yesterday I had my therapy session and the PT made me stand up for several minutes. I am only using my left leg. And swaying my operated right leg. Today, it was the husband’s turn. He made me do the same routines. I feel like I am doing some rounds in the gym and using some fat burners to put myself back into shape. But even if I am lazy I am thankful that my husband is pushing me to do the exercises. His goal is to make me stand and walk before his vacation is up.

Loving Penelope!

Okay, this is another Criminal Minds post. Sorry I am addicted to this series. haha. When I learned that AJ Cook would be leaving the show I was a bit disappointed. Like Gideon, Green, JJ is another casualty. But as the series unfold, I am now praising the writers for coming up with something that would spice it up. No, they did not add anyone. But they let Garcia out of her office and her computer world. It was such a refreshing sight seeing her handling the reports. And to top that, she switches, from paper to paperless by issuing the team Tablets. haha. Why to go, Penelope. I am now currently downloading the current epi. Can’t wait.

Oh I love Penelope Garcia! Since JJ was gone she volunteered to take over her place. At first she was overwhelmed with work but later on thanks to her darling, Morgan she came to realized that she have to be herself to perform well. The case on this episode is a good but what stand outs for me is the camaraderie of the time. I still miss JJ’s presence but the writers were able to pull out something better by letting Garcia out of her room for sometime. I am now looking forward to the next step. Maybe, we can see more of Kevin in the upcoming episodes.

I was not in the mood this morning. I think I would attribute it to my lupus morning laziness. So I look for a little distraction and fortunately I remembered I have not watched Criminal Minds. So, I watched the third episode which is about The Butcher. An unsolved crime some ten years ago resurfaced. It was handles by Rossi then and so he has a gut feel that he indeed it tracking an old pal. There are scenes that I cannot take but still I am really glued to it and I am on the edge of my seat. As always the episode is well written.