Barbie in a Mermaid’s Tale

For the past days we have been watching this movie. It’s the current favorite of the little girl and I can’t say no to her. And honestly the movie is really nice. I love the song also.

Pretty eh? In the website there is an instructional video for the dance step.

Popularity: 4% [?]

Barbie in 3D

I never had a chance to watch a movie in 3d. When the 3d technology started I think I am already a full pledged mom who does not have time to enjoy such. haha. Or maybe because I am too busy recovering from my LUPUS and my constant quest for vitamins for hair loss. Yeah, one of the side effects of my lupus is hair fall which sometimes result to baldness. Fortunately, after a few months the hair will grow back.

Barbie Movies

I did not know that there are a lot of Barbie movies already. Since the little girl has shown liking to it, now I am searching and downloading the movies. And I was lucky enough to have found a torrent that contains all the Barbie movies. What I am downloading now contains the following :

  • A Christmas carol
  • Fairytopia
  • Magic of Pegasus
  • Mariposa
  • Mermaidia
  • Nutcracker
  • Rapunzel
  • Swan Lake
  • The 12 Dancing Princesses
  • The Diamond Castle
  • The Island Princess
  • The Prince and the Pauper

Barbie Sing A Long

While I was looking for youthology eye serum online, the little girl approached me and ask me to accompany her on the desktop. I stood up and went with her. I am not surprised when she told me she wanted to buy the Barbie Sing a Long which she found on the Barbie website. I tried looking for ways to download it but seems the sources are limited. So yesterday, when we went to the mall I look for it on the record bars. Boy, was I glad to have found it and it only cost Php 150.


Barbie as the Island Princess

Do you know any natural cure for hemorrhoids since I am currently looking for one for a friend. Though I am currently distracted by the movies being played on our DVD. The Barbie Fairytopia is finished and now the little girl is watching Barbie as the Island Princess.



While I am busy reading about accutane reviews, my little girl is having a Barbie movie marathon. That’s the only way I can think of to get her off the computer. lol. And her first movie is Barbie Fairytopia. This movie is so colorful. Every girl would love it to bits. It has fairies, rainbows, butterflies, everything that my three year old love. In fact, I too am loving the movie. It tells about the story of Elina, who at first is a fairy without wings. But due to her courage she was able to save Fairytopia. And then she became an apprentice where another challenge is set not only to her but with five other fairies as well.

Barbie and the Three Musketeers


My little girl’s current past time now is playing online games (while I on the other hand got myself busy with stuff like looking into conjugated linoleic acid) . Her favorite includes Play House Disney, Polly Pocket and Barbie. Every time she visits the Barbie website she not only end up playing games but also looking at the products and some videos. One time she keeps on telling me that she wanted Barbie and the three Musketeers. Since the video in the website is just a short clip I tried looking for a video i youtube.

When the little girl was sick last week, she always asked me to let her used the computer either to play online games or watch youtube videos. Since she really is fond of princesses and Barbie I tried searching videos for her. And then I found out that there is a movie of Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. We tried watching it and the little girl love it.