For the little girl

It seems that my little girl have inherited our genes of being fond of jewelries. Every day she would ask me to put my necklace and bracelet on her. Well, she likes my necklace with a heart pendant because of the influence of the movie Barbie and the Diamond Castle. Wherein the two Barbie (Lianna and Alexa) wore a necklace with a heart. And then the bracelet, it was my little girl’s choice. So now I am telling her Dad that I think it’s time to buy her some designer costume jewelry. And of course, the spoiler that he is, said yes. That’s why I am looking on the design that would be perfect for my little girl on Of course, the design should have a heart on it. Lol.

A girl's dream

One of a girl’s greatest dreams is to walk down the aisle with the man of his dream. Well, that’s one of my dreams actually. Well, I got half of my dream. I was wed with the man of my dreams but I never walked down the aisle. We got married through civil rites. But the man of my dreams has promised that he would fulfill that promise in full come 2012 and I am basking on that. Actually I am now starting to envision my wedding. If only we could, I wanted it to be one of those destination weddings that I have been reading about over the internet and wedding magazines. And if we could afford it I wanted it to happen in one of the Karisma Hotels. Of course, that’s just wishful thinking since I know we don’t have the fund for it right now.

Invest in coins

In these times of unstable economy one can only asked if it’s right to invest your money. Actually that is what on my mind right now. What I hear on the news right now is quite alarming. I admit I even panic when the news about the pre need plan sector of our country is in great trouble that I decided to downgrade our policy. But despite of that I am still hoping that somehow there are investments that won’t be shaken up by the global economic crisis. I was looking into the morgan dollars through the website and it’s quite interesting that coins like this can not only be collected but also be traded. If you interested in looking through investment you might want to check with the Monaco rare coin expert. They are ready to help you out.