Start of the Season

Oh yes! My favorite series are already promoting their new season — Criminal Minds, CSI and The Mentalist. And I am trying my very best to see if any of the channels in Sky Cable will air them simultaneously with their US schedule. Well, I saw Criminal Minds and CSI being shown in Universal but their episode are not the current ones. Hopefully I can find the right channel, and since this series are not child friendly I guess I have to buy lots of disney jigsaw puzzles to keep my little girl occupied when I am watching. Also, I am excited to watch the voice. It will be aired in AXN. Well, that’s good news! So September will be the start of the new seasons of my favorite series. This would be an exciting month!

Shows I missed!

I am so disappointed to miss two shows. First one is the Phantom of the Opera. I wanted to watch it but I cannot leave my daughter behind so I just decided to miss it. But according to a friend it was really good. Well, i think I was not meant to watch it. Then the Disney Live, I am still contemplating on watching it. We can still watch it this Saturday and there are still seats available in the VIP section. But I am not sure if we can shell out Php 5000 for this since we plan to go to Hongkong Disneyland next year. You see I am trying my best to save up for this trip and so I am thinking if this is an unnecessary purchase or not. Oh well, I’ll talk to the husband later.

Loving SkyCable

I have been a Destiny Cable subscriber ever since we got our house. That’s way back 2007. They don’t have the top of the line service but I don’t mind since I am only after the Disney Junior channel. But unfortunately this August we started receiving crappy service from them that we can no longer ignore. The last was our cable signal was out ever since August 17 and until now it’s not yet restored. I have been researching what cable service provider is best ( while I researched also about catering equipment for sale). After looking into different provider I decided to get SkyCable. Though I have to pay Php100 every month for the Disney Junior channel I am still happy because of the other additional channel. Just today I was able to watch Bourne Supremacy again. Now, I am trying to remember the schedule of the series that I live hopefully eventually I would.

The Gerson Miracle

Ever since I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, my outlook when it comes to my food intake has change drastically. Not to mention the fact that I started juicing my vegetable everyday to make sure I got the maximum health benefits I can get from the green that I see in the supermarket. Juicing my vegetable have given me a new lest in life that I do it daily now. And as much as possible if I can avoid it, I don’t eat processed food. It’s a big sacrifice but when I think about all the benefits I got from it, I continue it. Now, the husband shared to me another documentary which according to him might be the basis of Joe Cross’ reboot diet. And also, the movie is showing the world that maybe, just maybe, there is indeed a cure for cancer. Please take time to watch this video. I might served as an eye opener for you like it has to me and my husband.

Series to Watch

Oh if I could have the luxury of time right now I would be planning for a baby shower right now for a dear friend or I would be in the bed while watching some new series that I have not yet started watching. One of them is Suites, also the new Keiffer Sutherland series plus another one that I forgot the title. haha. Anyway, I also need to clean up my other laptop because it’s slowing down and I think that because there are a lot of movies that are stored there. Also, I need to watch Gerson Miracle for another motivation to stay healthy. If I only have the time and the energy. Well, we are starting a new week, I do hope and pray that I won’t spend it on bed lazing around.

The Lorax

Ever since Cat in the Hat was shown in Disney Junior my daughter started loving the Dr. Seuss’ book. And since I wanted her to discover the beauty of books I managed to collect almost all the books plus I got the iPad books also and some movies. But of all the movies she really likes Cat in the Hat. She keeps on giggling whenever she watched it. And now, I think I am going to add The Lorax on the list. She watch it about two days ago and kept on watching it. It is a nice movie with a bit of musical on the side plus a good message to kids about trees. My daughter was a bit affected by the movie that she got teary eyed when she talks about it. And now she is asking to watch it again. Told ya its her favorite.

No Cable TV

There are no tropical depression in our country right now ( thank you God!). But unfortunately our cable TV provider Destiny Cable has not fixed our connection yet. I think it’s been five days now that we don’t have cable TV. Good thing my little girl have her iPad and the desktop to occupy her time. While me, well I have to thank the internet for that. I have been busy online. I am looking forRocky Patel and some discount tours and packages for our trip next year. I am so thankful that we have internet. I would be a wrecked without it. I can live without TV but not the internet.

Itching to Watch

I have been hearing a lot of feedback about Bourne Legacy ( both good and bad). But despite all this varied reviews I am still itching to watch. I want to satisfy my curiosity why it was named Bourne Legacy when according to what I have read it did not have the same story as the one in the novel. And of course, I have to admit, I wanted to compare the new Bourne to the old Bourne that I do love. haha. Well, I am a Matt Damon fan since his Good Will Hunting days. But no matter how I want to watch the movie I know I still have to wait until I can get a DVD copy of it. For now, I’ll just watch some other movie that I missed out because of my busy schedule.


Ever since she saw the trailer in Disney Junior my daughter have been bugging me non stop about this movie. I guess that was around June. So I told her that we would watch it with her dad since the showing dates coincide with her daddy’s vacation. We were busy for the past few days because of our out of town vacation. Then when we come back I was busy with house chores and some work plus I was looking for contactless cards for the husband. Good thing on his late night with us before leaving again for work we found the time and even if the little girl is a bit feverish we head to the movie house to watch the movie. And it was really a nice movie that shows the relationship of a mom and her daughter. It shows who sometimes even if both love each other they would end up hurting each other because of spur of the moment anger and pride. I love how despite being a bear, the mom showed how much she love her daughter.

The King 2 Hearts

Well, since it was very popular I started watching this drama. I have been reading different reviews and it seems almost everybody likes it. Unfortunately, when it was my turn to watch I got bored. I don’t know. Is it because of the setting, or of the main actor or it’s because of my crappy connection at that time. Well, I am still planning on finishing it when I get the time. I do hope when I watch it, it is still available and my connection is good enough.