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The Vow

I was lucky that I did find a time to watch some movies last week. I decided to give The Vow a try since many are saying that it’s like The Notebook. Unfortunately, I did not like it’s story. Well, I did not like the fact that the girl forgot the love of her life. I took pity on the husband. But of course, that the situation. And that is where the story revolves. I felt sorry for the couple and got me thinking if the girl really loves the man. Because if she has many even just a fragment of their time together will be stored in her memory. I thought if one is in love even amnesia cannot make him/her forget. Well, that’s science for you. Our body is a mystery and I think every situation is different. The ending is also not so good. But its factual.

The Romantics

I tried watching this movie because I was intrigued by Josh Duhamel in the movie When In Rome. Then his co star her is Katie Holmes. I haven’t watched her since Dawson’s Creek era. The movie is set in only one location and everything happens in I think a day or two. You see, Josh and Katie are ex lovers who belong to the same circle of friends, who are going to have a reunion before Josh got married to another girl who by the way is also their friend. I am not really that impressed with the movie. And I feel that it ended abruptly. Maybe that’s the reason why it was not much of a success.

She wants a BIG WEDDING

I just watched an interview of Korina Sanchez about her upcoming wedding. I think she was interviewed a couple of days or weeks back when she announce that she would be taking a leave on her morning radio program, Tambalang Failon and Sanchez and late night news program, Bandila. I remembered her saying that she might be back after six years. hmmm. Is she that confident that Mar Roxas would become the next president and she will become the First Lady. I wonder why she did not give up Rated K? Is it because she can used the program to do some campaigning secretly? Well, you cannot blame me for thinking that because the program seems to turn into a public service program wherein she gives away slippers and some stuff to less fortunate people. Of course, Mar Roxas does not need to be there because the public already knows that they are together.

After a month : SUICIDE

Finally after a month of the death of Ted Failon’s wife Trina Etong, the NBI has released their findings of the case today and it’s SUICIDE. This would be a big relief to Etong’s family because now they can grieve in private. It’s a pity that the members of the family were not able to mourn properly because they were in the middle of media frenzy and police investigation. I wonder what Sec. Raul Gonzales is thinking. Well my question was answered with is interview saying that the Department of Justice consider this case closed unless someone comes forward contest the findings. The old man is still hoping to nail down Ted Failon. And also it’s time to look into the QCPD especially Frank Mabanag who always have a DSLR hanging on his chest and have waved the note of Trina Etong to and from while giving out an interview. So, is there a basis of the case OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE when there is no crime? hmmm.

Believe it or Not

I might be able to finished Boys Before Flowers on local tv. lol. Not because I am so drawn to it that I won’t mind watching the Filipino dubbed version but because of scheduling. You see when this week started ABS CBN swap the schedule of their prime time show which places BBF before the night news. And of course, I am watching TV patrol daily so after POCOYO (if you don’t know who or what POCOYO is, its a favorite PLAYHOUSE DISNEY show of my little girl) that’s the only time I change channel but I still can catch a few minutes before BBF ends. And I think I might be able to finished it by that way. hahaaha. I still haven’t watched the last few episodes online and I think I might not be able to in the near future since I just shouldered a project that my former boss asked me to do. hmm. Let’s see.


I am so lazy to update my blogs. I’d rather read my ebooks that sit down in front of the computer to write my thoughts. Hopefully by next week I can find the urge to blogged blog worthy articles. lol. For now please bear with my ramblings. I still have two Judith Mc Naught books that I have to finished.So that means less blogging time and tomorrow I am going to visit my previous employer. One of my previous boss asked for my assistance to look into one of the programs. I am not sure if I still remember the syntax and commands. Urgh!

Unchanging Love

I slept late last night. You know why? Because I watched the wedding special of Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo which was aired on ABS CBN from past 9pm to almost midnight. It was my first time to watch a celebrity wedding. In the past, I rarely watched specials because one they have a lot of commercials. But for this wedding I made an exception because I really like how the couple managed to plan their wedding away from the limelight. The special was really special. It was nice. I really like the part where in the APO Hiking Society sang during the wedding reception.

Another Princess

Today my older sister gave birth to her second baby girl. Her oldest is now five years old so the arrival of Baby Keisha is just right on time. I haven’t seen her yet since my sister gave birth in the province. We plan to go there on Wednesday since until today Anevay have her summer classes. Having another baby in the family made me think if its time to give Anevay her wish of having a baby brother. But because of what I have experienced I am still a bit apprehensive. In god’s time, I guess, everything will fall into place. Right now I am just happy to have another niece. And I am still waiting for the MMS from my sister because she claims that her baby looks like anevay.

I am not much of an American Idol fan. But I confessed to listening to David Cook’s song over and over again. I fell in love with his version of Always be My Baby. Oh, I just remembered that Chris Daughtry’s HOME have always been on my player ever since the husband told me to listen to it. But that’s where AI ends for me. Now, at the start of this season’s AI, my sister asked me to download the songs of Adam Lambert. Seems like my brother in law like his versions of the songs he performed. Now I have all the songs he performed for AI. And my brother in law is one happy man. So, for next week face off I might watch him just to satisfy my curiosity. That is if I am not busy researching about Mesothelioma cancer.


I am still a bit achy from my little girl’s mini field trip yesterday which includes running around the play ground and carrying her to reach the monkey bars. In fact, I have a hard time getting off our bed. But I have to get up and prepare for her exhibit today. All in all the day has been a good one. It gave me so much joy seeing my baby is now a little girl preparing to conquer the world. lol. Anyway pardon the marathon blogging since I just need to finished some post before I head off to bed.