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Dragon Movies

Ever since my little girl watched How To train Your Dragon, she have been watching youtube videos about dragons that she can enumerate the different dragons that she saw. So, in preparation for the long holiday I am looking for movies that would keep her busy and happy. I got a list of dragon movies via internet and from that list I only got Dragon Heart, Spirited Away and Pete’s Dragon. I would start compiling this video so that our vacation will be well spent. Though, I am still planning on going out of town in that two week vacation. I am feeling homesick right now and I want to go to my childhood home.

Battle Begins in The Voice

Oh yes, I have never been addicted to a singing contest in the television until now. My daughter and I would wait for Mondays and Tuesday so that we can watch the voice. Here in our country we watch the voice via AXN on a very delayed broadcast. lol. I am very tempted already to see it online but unfortunately I don’t have the time right now. I just got spoilers from the twitter account of the voice and when I am intrigued by the performance I watch them via YOUTUBE. But for the whole episode I wait for it via boob tube. And based on the tweets the battle have already begun (will watch this on Monday ) and I have to say the performance of Trevin Hunte and Amanda Brown is really astounding, seems like both have been powered by maha mh-c9000. Good thing Adam Levine got to steal Amanda Brown. Can’t wait to watch the whole episode. Full episode of The Voice is available online at the NBC website.

Prentiss Out for Good!

I have yet to watched the new episode of Criminal Minds. The series is on its eight and I have to say I have watched this series from the first one until now. My interest on it has never change. Despite the fact that there are some characters who have said goodbye. I was looking into the update on their fan page when I saw that Prentiss is out for good already. Remember last season she made an appearance again after saying her goodbye but on the final episode of Season 7, she is already considering resigning. Now as she vows out of the show, another character comes in, in the person of Jeanne Tripplehorn as Alex Blake. I do hope she would be a good addition. Hopefully I can watch the episode this coming Halloween break.

Be Careful With My Heart

I am currently watching this series right now. It’s been a morning habit for me. A break from my usual routine. I love watching it because it has a ‘feel good’ feeling. I cannot help but laugh with the antics and dialogues of Jodi Sta. Maria as Maya. It’s lightweight and although the story is a bit ordinary and predictable I can still say I’m enjoying it. Proof of which is watching it on the tv even if I can watch it via IWANTTV. Right now, the episode includes a wedding proposal for Raffy (portrayed by Maricar Reyes). As of now, I still don’t feed any irritating scenes on it so I’ll keep on watching it!

Shows I missed!

I am so disappointed to miss two shows. First one is the Phantom of the Opera. I wanted to watch it but I cannot leave my daughter behind so I just decided to miss it. But according to a friend it was really good. Well, i think I was not meant to watch it. Then the Disney Live, I am still contemplating on watching it. We can still watch it this Saturday and there are still seats available in the VIP section. But I am not sure if we can shell out Php 5000 for this since we plan to go to Hongkong Disneyland next year. You see I am trying my best to save up for this trip and so I am thinking if this is an unnecessary purchase or not. Oh well, I’ll talk to the husband later.

The Gerson Miracle

Ever since I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, my outlook when it comes to my food intake has change drastically. Not to mention the fact that I started juicing my vegetable everyday to make sure I got the maximum health benefits I can get from the green that I see in the supermarket. Juicing my vegetable have given me a new lest in life that I do it daily now. And as much as possible if I can avoid it, I don’t eat processed food. It’s a big sacrifice but when I think about all the benefits I got from it, I continue it. Now, the husband shared to me another documentary which according to him might be the basis of Joe Cross’ reboot diet. And also, the movie is showing the world that maybe, just maybe, there is indeed a cure for cancer. Please take time to watch this video. I might served as an eye opener for you like it has to me and my husband.

The Lorax

Ever since Cat in the Hat was shown in Disney Junior my daughter started loving the Dr. Seuss’ book. And since I wanted her to discover the beauty of books I managed to collect almost all the books plus I got the iPad books also and some movies. But of all the movies she really likes Cat in the Hat. She keeps on giggling whenever she watched it. And now, I think I am going to add The Lorax on the list. She watch it about two days ago and kept on watching it. It is a nice movie with a bit of musical on the side plus a good message to kids about trees. My daughter was a bit affected by the movie that she got teary eyed when she talks about it. And now she is asking to watch it again. Told ya its her favorite.

Itching to Watch

I have been hearing a lot of feedback about Bourne Legacy ( both good and bad). But despite all this varied reviews I am still itching to watch. I want to satisfy my curiosity why it was named Bourne Legacy when according to what I have read it did not have the same story as the one in the novel. And of course, I have to admit, I wanted to compare the new Bourne to the old Bourne that I do love. haha. Well, I am a Matt Damon fan since his Good Will Hunting days. But no matter how I want to watch the movie I know I still have to wait until I can get a DVD copy of it. For now, I’ll just watch some other movie that I missed out because of my busy schedule.

The King 2 Hearts

Well, since it was very popular I started watching this drama. I have been reading different reviews and it seems almost everybody likes it. Unfortunately, when it was my turn to watch I got bored. I don’t know. Is it because of the setting, or of the main actor or it’s because of my crappy connection at that time. Well, I am still planning on finishing it when I get the time. I do hope when I watch it, it is still available and my connection is good enough.

Who should be Christian Grey?

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted that it seems that Matt Bomer would be the Christian Grey. I don’t really know if he fits the character since I have not seen how he acts. But I am just hoping that if they make the 50 shades into a movie they would include all vitals facts in it. I know it would be hard to put in the first book in a 2 hour movie but I hope it won’t be a big disappointment. And I still don’t think if I would like to watch it though. I only read the book because of the hype and I would say it’s not really that outstanding.