Rookie Blue Season 2

Since I still don’t want to watch the Season 10 of Smallville, I decided to look for other shows. And then I remembered that Rookie Blue should have aired their season 2 by now. I was expecting the season to start last September but I was surprised that they started early and now the season is already finished. So, I got a copy of the complete season and watched it yesterday. The series is not about rookies wearing nursing uniforms but rather police uniform chasing after criminals. The season will still feature the rookies spearheaded by Andy. At the start of the series, Andy and Luke as still together. But as the series unfold their relationship have face some problems which has lead to Andy to Sam. Because of their relationship, Sam’s undercover ops turn sour and Andy and the gang were face to the challenge of tracking Sam. In the end of the season, both Sam and Andy were suspended. I am so looking forward to Season 3.

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