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What to watch?

While looking and reading about best eyelash growth products, I am also browsing on the website of ticketworld and ticketnet. I want to know what shows would they have on the husband’s vacation. But unfortunately, I can’t seem to find some interesting show at that time. But I am eager to watch Seussical with the little girl. She is quite family with the Cat in the Hat :) . Hopefully this show would run until December and we can watch it with the husband. That of course, if his vacation will be approved.

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Morning Glory

When I started the movie, I wanted to stop watching it already. I do not like the beginning where in the female lead star loses her job, then went for an interview wherein she speaks to fast and after that met a snobbish Harrison Ford on the elevator. Oh, not she is not looking for Bartender Jobs but rather she is an executive producer. She was able to land a job but then she has to face a lot of challenges to keep her show afloat. This one is an inspiring movie, which shows that perseverance, determination and quick wit wins the game. I love Harrison Ford’s character but I love Becky Fuller more. She is my kind of girl. And this reminds me of a friend that’s why I enjoy it.

No Strings Attached

This movie is a mushy kind of movie. And I have to say, if I don’t like Ashton Kutcher in Spread, this has been a redemption of sort for him. It’s a nice movie about Adam (Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman), who first met as a teenager. As they grow up they cross path until that time when Adam got drunk and end up in Emma’s pad. This started their casual s3x relationship. Emma was adamant that they keep their thing as a no string attached. As time goes by, Adam realized that he cared for Emma and wanted to change the course of their relationship. I love the scene where Adam kept on repeating the I LOVE YOU phrase to Emma. But she really was not ready to be serious so they called it quits. They have not seen each other until the wedding of Emma’s sister where Emma realized that she is inlove with Adam. Well, unfortunately the call to Adam did not turned out as plan. Fate made a way for them to meet again. I love the line of Adam’s do not choose who you fall in love with. This is such a nice feel good movie :)

Just Go With it

This movie have surprised me. I did not expect to enjoy it. Well, I was just passing time and saw the synopsis over the internet while I am looking for the best brand of barcode scanner to buy. I like what I read in the summary since it’s a typical story of a romance pocketbook. The movie is about Danny (Adam Sandler) who is a plastic surgeon and always wear a wedding ring (though he is not married) to attract ladies. Unfortunately, that ring puts him in trouble. Because of that ‘trouble’ he asked his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to posed as his wife. They went to Hawaii and from there things get to unfold. It was such a nice movie. I end up smiling watching it.


Last week during the school break I took the time to watch some romantic comedy movie. The first one that I watched is a bit of a disappointment and I don’t know why I have watched it. The movie Spread which stars Ashton Kutcher is not the typical plot that I wish to watch but still I watched it. lol. I dislike Ashton Kutcher’s character here. And I think the movie does not have a good ending. Well, I used the forward button a lot of times so I have not understand the whole story. It’s just that the movie is too graphical for me. hahaha.