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Teacher on KRISTV

This week has been a rainy week and also a week where we spend our days at home despite the fact that the husband is here for a vacation. Unfortunately after celebrating her birthday in school last Monday, our little girl caught the fever bug. So we opted to stay at home and observed her. Then there was also the weather. It was raining so hard that’s why classes were canceled. Then, last Wednesday, the owner of the school were our daughter is enrolled have a guesting on KRISTV as the psychologist. No, there subject is not about Medicare part D plan but rather on adolescence. The guest includes the child star of ABSCBN who are on the awkward age of 11 to 13. I let the little girl watched and she was asking why Teacher is on the tv. haha. She really cannot believe it. I am so happy to see Teacher L guest on KRISTV. She really hit the mark and I tell you she really is a good psychologist and person.

300+ Movies

Last week, I let a mommy friend borrow the EHD of my husband. Before I gave it to her, I also transferred some new movies that I enjoyed watching this year. I kinda updated the list which includes the 18 Barbie movies. And I haven’t realized until I was done that there are 300+ movies, oh yes, and I transferred those from my 1 terra to the hdd of the husband. It took me around 3 hours to complete the transfer. I even forget that I have to browse for fireplace mantel designs. I am just happy that I was accomplished to do the transfer. It’s just a simple task yet I really cannot find time to do it until now. That’s the life of a stay at home mom.


As of this moment, I have no final plan about the little girl’s party on her birthday. We will have a celebration in school, the Monday after her birthday, and that’s where my focus is. I am so excited about the giveaways for her party in school. They are all customized and I know a way over the budget for the ordinary loot bags. But still, I am happy that they will be used by the kids. Right now, I am more or less convinced as to where we will do the party for her on the 23rd. Her school party is on the 25th. Right now, I am looking for a cheap photobooth. I found one where in I think is already affordable since they would be giving a customized backdrop, a 2 hour rental and some accessories like yellow goggles. Of course, I have to asked the venue if they would allow such to be put in their restaurant. Hopefully I can come up with the final plan within this week.

Money For Love

I got the chance to watch a Thai drama the other week when I was not busy looking for band saw blades. I did put some time watching the lakorn because it stars Pat and Por, I like their team up because they have a nice chemistry which is visible in their scene. The drama is a typical drama about love and revenge and of course misinterpretation. It has a simple ending and it seems like they ended it abruptly. But despite the drama I can say that it’s worth watching.

Popularity: 1% [?]

Disney Jr.

The long awaited transition from Playhouse Disney to Disney Junior is over. My little girl is so excited that she keep on saying the magic will start on July. If I had a choice right now, I would really want to bring her to Hongkong Disneyland. But unfortunately I am still in the adjustment period when it comes to walking and exercising my knees. I know that fatigue will overcome me when we have that Disney tour. Though it would be a nice exercise and would be working as good as the buy fat burners but really I have to consider my condition. So as of now, our daughter would have to enjoy Disney in the television first. Hopefully next year or on her 7th birthday we can go there.

The Solar System

Most of our family and friends now know that my daughter has shown a great interest on the Solar System. She can talk non stop about heavenly bodies and I am sometimes surprised that she really can answer a lot of things about the characteristics of each planet. Just the other day, my older brother asked her why do Mars have no fishes like Earth, and she answered that the reason is that Mars have frozen water. It was funny because even I don’t know that. hahah. There are friends (especially fellow moms) who are curious as to how my daughter knows all about this. Well, despite the fact that their teacher discouraged the use of tv and computer, I would say I let her used her IPAD to explore and get her new knowledge. Also, her daddy makes it a point to buy educational toys which has planets on it. In his last vacation, they put up a solar system as if they are putting up different ATV Parts together. I can say that since we realized her interest we make sure we provide things that would encourage her to learn more. Now, on a daily basis she would open the BrainPop app in her IPAD. That application has a lot of new information everyday. A lot, I say! And that is being absorbed by my ever eager daughter.

That Busy?

Finally, I was able to have a lengthy talk with the husband ( more or less 2 hrs ). The previous week has been busy for both of us. He have lots of work in the field and while I on the other hand have to be with the daughter and most of the time we sleep early. So, I am so happy that during his no work day, it was really a no work for him. Well, he have to work around 4am until early morning. I told him that if we are lucky we might be able to watch HP and he said that he was satisfied with what was shown in the first part. I told him I have not watched the Part one and I already have a copy. He answered that am I that busy not to be able to sit down and watch even a single movie. Well, that’s the life of a mother. Oh, and he said I might not have time for him when he comes home. haha. That’s why right now I have to catch up on work and make sure that everything is in place once he is here.

The End of HP

I have lost my interest towards the Harry Potter Movies. Or should I say I have not find any time now to enjoy and watched the movie. Then in the news last night, Harry Potter fans are now waiting for the last and final installment of the Harry Potter saga. I am a bit sad because it’s really is a good book for me. Though I know the book has ended some years back already. And now I am hoping that the showing of it can be prolonged so that the husband and I can watched it on the big screen. I know he would love that, as much as he love the Davidoff cigars that I am planning to buy him. I remember that our first movie date as girlfriend and boyfriend is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Now, hopefully we can the last HP movie together!

Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen — four characters that I have religiously followed when I was in college. I remember making sure I go home before the scheduled timeslot so that I won’t be missing any episode. But my eagerness for the series have dwindled down after the first two seasons because Joey and Dawson started having some problems and Joey have started liking Pacey. Oh, I don’t like those kinds of situation. haha. So, yes, I was not able to finish the whole six season of it. I am not sure if this time I would be able to since my views on changing partners (especially if you are friends with them) has not changed through the years. Well, let’s see.