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Sweet Cupcakes

Our little princess will be celebrating her 5th birthday on July and until now I haven’t had anything planned yet. I don’t want the usual fast food party package since we had done that last year, the husband wants me to rent a nearby private swimming pool but it’s rainy season and I don’t want to be stressed when it rains when it’s the birthday party already (which usually happens). I would definitely throw a party at her in school and I am thinking if I would order a cake or cup cakes just like the one I saw at That way, the kids can take home the cup cakes if they are already full with the food we have. Ah, I also have to think of nice giveaway. I am getting tired of seeing the usual pencil, crayons, candy stuff. I wanted to give something that won’t be thrown away.

Cookie of Magic Palayok

Last Saturday, we went home. Home being the place where I grew up. We went there to pay our last respect to my uncle, the youngest brother of my deceased mother. The interment became a family reunion and was turn into a fun fare later because the star of Magic Palayok is my uncle’s grandchild (she’s my nephew). Almost all those who have attended wants to take a picture of her. I am amazed at the child’s attitude despite that she traveled to and from Pampanga to Manila for her taping and woke up early the next day for the internment she was still all smile and very accommodating. My little girl wants to take a picture with her for a different reason. She really does not know her tv program since she only watch Playhouse Disney but she is glad to play with an older girl.