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Never Say Never

While reviewing the husband’s term life insurance payment I remembered that we have not yet watched the movie of Justin Bieber ( well, I remembered because we were watching MTV and I saw him). My daughter likes him and so I decided to watch it. The movie actually follows the life of Justin Bieber as he moves closer to his performance at Madison Square Garden. As a mom, I was touched how he succeeded on his dream. How he was able to be something big. And I am amused by how the internet has helped him a lot. Actually I would say he is a product of the internet. From posting his videos in youtube to tweeting his whereabouts to promote his shows. It was really nice. And I was so entertained by his performance. All in all I love the movie. Now, I am thinking if I should get his album. My daughter kept on singing Never say Never.

CM’s Season Finale

The season finale of Criminal Minds is not that of a cliffhanger as compared to other seasons. Nothing special in this episode but the appearance of JJ. Yeah, she is really back and that most Criminal Minds look forward to. Though there was a hint that there would be shake up, I think for the next season there will be addition not deletion. Hopefully. The cast of CM is okay already but it would be better if they put Emily Prentiss back, right?

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The Mentalist Season Finale

I already have an idea about the season finale of The Mentalist. A lot of viewers have commented about it on their facebook page. The internet really has a lot of used today. From getting feedback about your favorite tv program to showing you how to buy gold online, right? We really are lucky you know. Instead of waiting for the delayed broadcast of a certain show we can go to the internet and watch simultaneously with other parts of the world. Anyway, I was halfway through the final episode when I started this ‘paranoid’ feeling. So I stop watching it. The next day after the husband texting me and telling me over the phone that it was a great episode and Patrick Jane finally nailed down Red John. I was kinda excited already because I know the episode will have a lot of twist and turn. And I was right about my suspect. Now that Red John, what will happen to The Mentalist. Would Grace get back with Rigsby? Would Patrick Jane be in jail for gunning down a suspect who is not even fighting. Well, it would be a long wait for Season 4.

It’s Sharpay’s time to shine. We have been seeing the advertisement of another Disney movie. This time it stars Ashely Tisdale of High School Musical.

Synopsis of the movie :

Disney Junior

Our little girl kept on saying the magic will start in July. That’s because she kept on seeing the advertisement in playhouse disney about Disney Jr. I think this will replaced Playhouse Disney. Watching kids programs is definitely one way to lessen your age spots since you feel like a child again. Anyway, since I was curious about Disney, I tried to research about it. And I was right, starting on July there won’t be Playhouse disney anymore. It would be Disney Junior and according to the page in wikipedia some of the programs would be Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Tinga Tinga Tales and Babar and the Adventures of Badou. Carrying over from Playhouse Disney were Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, Jungle Junction, Chuggington, Imagination Movers, Special Agent Oso and Timmy Time. Let see what happens in July.

His GF

My little girl is definitely growing up. Her taste on what she watch has gone up a notch and guess who she fancies? Justin Bieber. And just today while I was reading some news I found out that his girl friend is Selena Gomez. Who is also a favorite of my little girl. Well, I am just amused and surprised. I know there are a lot of gossips out there but I am so busy to indulge myself to read. If that would be some good read about career advice maybe I would take the time to read it. But for now I am busy with work and chores at home.

Price Tag

Ever since the husband arrives the little girl has been singing the song ‘Price Tag’ non stop. Her daddy showed her the video of the song which was sang by Maddy Jane. Originally, the song was sung by Jessie J but she likes the version of Maddy Jane.

Here is the video which she is viewing over and over again.

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Knowing your Medicine

Last week have been a busy week for our little family. We have been going out everyday. Though I am happy to have this kind of activity but there are times that fatigue hits me. Worse, there are times when I have to throw up everything that I eat. I was a bit worried so I tried to lessen the medicine I am taking. I think the antibiotics that I am taking for my UTI is causing those bouts of queasiness in my tummy. Sure enough when I stopped taking them I feel a lot better. This is one of the reason why we have to become aware of the drugs that we take. Not because your doctor prescribed them you have to drink them. It’s better to research or asked your doctor about the side effects. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Just like what happen to those who have taken Topamax when they are pregnant. There has been reported side effects to the offspring. That’s why most of them files a Topamax lawsuit with the help of the O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.

Red John

Criminal Minds, CSI, Fringe and The Mentalist had their season finale already. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to watch them. When I am not busy I will sit down and watch. For now, I have so many things on my plate. I have to search for a good document scanning for the husband. I still have a lot of things to do for him before he left and right now even if I wanted to badly see what happen when Patrick Jane meets Red John I have to wait. For three seasons now, Patrick has been hunting for his nemesis. And according to the FB page, the time has come. What happen? I don’t know.

Cosmic Collision

At last we were able to go to the Nido Discovery Center in the Mall of Asia. A lot of friends are telling me to let Anevay visit the place because they think she would enjoy it. And she did. Though I think the entrance fee is a bit overpriced because the interactive displays are not quite as impressive as the Table top display I have seen in the mall. Anevay was estatic when she saw the astronaut but she is less impressed with the others. But she did like the film showing and the set up of the planetarium. We were able to watch the cosmic collision. All throughout the showing she kept on saying her thoughts and asking questions. She even corrected a mom who said that the one being shown is the earth.