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Barbie A Fairy Secret

School is out, and so the I need to find some activities to occupy my little girl. And of course her favorite past time is to play online games in our desktop. She has fave sites already :,, and Yesterday, she was playing on and asked for my help. And that was the time I notice that there was an advertisement about a new barbie movie, well, it does not have consumer reviews but I know she wanted to watch it. Last night while watching some youtube videos in her IPAD I saw that someone already posted a full movie for it. And this morning, I tried looking for a copy and viola! I found one. Yehey! The little girl would love this one!

I have four favorite TV series : Criminal Minds, CSI, The mentalist and Fringe. I always wait for the current episodes of this series. But things got busy this past few weeks and I was not able to view them. So, this weekend when I was looking for something to occupy my time, I started watching the current episode. What’s interesting on the recent episode of The Mentalist was that their boss, Hightower was frame up, good thing Patrick Jane was able to sense it and help her. It was Red John all over again. On the next episode, LaRoche become their boss.

Justin Bieber in CSI Again

Since I really was not updated on the episodes of CSI, and I did not read any news about the tv series, I was caught in surprise when I saw Justin Bieber again in one of their episode. Remember, on the start of this season he was a guest and portrayed the character of Jason McCann, whose brother was skilled on episode one. Maybe, that said episode garnered high rating and so Justin Bieber guest again. He isn’t wearing any coogi clothing but this time his true character was revealed. He almost got Nicky killed and because of that he received Nick’s wrath. Not to mention he got one of the uniformed men killed. Nicky was so angry at him that he received four bullets after he refused to hand himself over to the authorities. All in all his recent episode is much better than the last one.

Gil Grissom, Are you Back?

It took me so long to watched CSI. I was able to watched the start of an episode wherein Sara attends a party for the deaf and met her mother in law. I stopped viewing it and then last Sunday I remembered it. Again, like in Criminal Minds I was surprised to see Gil Grissom. Well, he was on the last part of the episode. He and Sara are talking over the computer via video chat. When I saw him, I cannot help but google if he would be back in CSI. But based on what I read that is just a cameo appearance. He isn’t back yet. And oh, the DICK and Jane killer is on the loose, that makes CSI more interesting!

Prentiss OUT, JJ IN!

I found myself bored this weekend. But I am too lazy to move nor work. So, I thought of something that would spiked my interest and end up watching the last three recent episode of Criminal Minds. Of course, I watched after I check on the cheap car insurance which my husband was asking to review.

I missed CM! And the episodes I was able to watch are really good and I found myself pressing the pause button to catch my breath. lol. Since I did not read any preview nor any feedback, I was surprised to see JJ come back! And since I already know that Prentiss will soon bid the show goodbye, when she was already having trouble I knew that her end is coming near.

I am NUMBER Four

A mommy friend in FACEBOOK shared that she already watched this movie and it’s one of the best movie that she had watched so far. And that made me look for a copy of it and I planned to watch it. Based on the synopsis that I have read via WIKI it’s a science fiction story. It’s based on a novel which became a bestseller. I think my daughter would love it.

Here is just a briefer.

Some more Patience

Everyday I nagged my husband. Well, he loves the nagging because it is always about how I want him home and how I missed him. Yeah, that’s how I nagged. haha. There are times when I got all cranky and I tell him that I cannot wait for his vacation this summer because that also means that by that time I would be up on my feet again and living the ‘normal life’. And thinking about that makes me look forward to all our plans. There are things that were put behind because of my accident and recovery. Once I am completely healed I plan to put them all into action.

Thank You, Technology!

One of the situation that I dread to find myself into is being in the middle of a disaster and one member or more of the family is not with you. Sometimes I cannot help but think what I would do if ever there is a disaster that would hit the country at the time the husband is outside the country or my little one is in the school. Or the husband being in the middle of an ‘uprising’ and we are here watching the news and cannot contact him. I just can’t think of it without feeling panicky.


I have to say that the special effects of this movie is quite good. But unfortunately I stopped watching it because aside for the little girl disturbing my movie time, I cannot get the grip of the story. And it does not catch my attention. So what I planned right now is to talk to the husband about it as well as the funeral plans he is planning to look for his parents. We are currently doing some future planning and that’s one on our to do list.

Three Episodes

I cannot believe that I already missed three episodes of Criminal Minds. Well, I have been busy and somehow I forgot to monitor the series. It’s not only the show that I missed. I have not been updated with the episodes of CSI, The Mentalist and Fringe. I guess this is a sign of things to come. Now, that I am slowly getting back on my feet again, and doing some more offline chores, I don’t have time anymore to watch like before. But I do hope to catch up even if it’s only Criminal Minds. And would you believe I have not seen any episode of Glee since October. haha. Well, I am not much of a Gleek so I am not surprised.