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I decided to download the first season of NCIS. And in doing so I came upon the spinoff. I did not know that there was one. NCIS LA is a spin off of NCIS which started airing in 2009. I am not sure if it’s any good nor have I plan to watch it. I am not a fan of spin off. Just like in CSI, I prefer watching it but I dare not watch CSI NY.

For now, I am waiting for the completion of the download. Hopefully I would enjoy NCIS because I am really getting bored. haha.

The Little Mermaid

Disney Channel have aired the Little Mermaid this week and the kids were able to watch it. Because of that, my little girl’s favorite princess is now Ariel. She has seen this movie a lot of times. But you know how the attention span of toddlers. So she forgot about Ariel already until she resurface via Disney channel. haha. Now, she is asking me to have Ariel on her IPAD.


Nope, I am not watching it nor am I addicted to it. Because right now I am trying to avoid getting hooked on it so I get a glimpse of it when my brother is watching. And yes, he is the one who is hooked on the series. For me, NCIS is just like CSI. But I still have to view it before giving my so called feedback about it.

Right now, I am thinking if I should download the series or not. The husband is not a big fan of it so I am having doubts. But since I don’t have anything worthwhile to do I might just give it a try. who knows?

New Animation Project

I am not fond of our local tv progams. I don’t watch any locally produced program except those that deals with news and current events. So does my brother. And he would criticise the programs that my sister in law would sometimes watch. But now, it might be a different story for him. Last week he announced that he would be part of a team that would be responsible for the animation of one of GMA 7’s newest tv program. The series is about finding treasures at the end of the rainbow. Oh, yeah, they would have to animate silver bullion bars, who knows? haha. We were telling him that we will watch the program and would endlessly criticised the graphics just like what he is doing when he is watching. lol.

Hating Kapatid

This movie stars Judy Ann Santos and Sarah Geronimo. I was thinking of some Filipino movies that I could watch and I remembered it. The movie is all about a family where in the parents have to go abroad to work leaving their two kids to their grandma. Because of this situation the older kid ( Judy Ann ) have to take care of her little sister (Sarah G.). As the story unfolds you can see how Judy Ann took care of her sister even letting go of the man she loves because of a certain promise. I cannot help but laugh when she took a picture of all the passengers in the jeepney just in case one of them is a snatcher. The parents were able to come home after so many years of being away but instead of a happy reunion this created a conflict.

Drug Test

Growing up I am face with a lot of challenges. I also saw how my friends battles with different teen and adult issues. It’s tough but luckily with the right support and lots of love I was able to make it through. Now, being an adult with a responsibility of making sure our kids are brought up properly, I cannot help but worry about our kids future. There are a lot of things that they have to face and being young once I know whats it like to grow up.

Line UP

Either I am watching movies or reading ebooks — that’s how I spend my days. There isn’t much to do right now. So I have to look for something that can hold my interest. Of course, I am still busy doing my exercises to speed up my recovery that’s why I sleep soundly at night. But despite the fact that I am tired from my workout I still sometimes wish I can take some sleep aids to have some uninterrupted sleep because I think right now I am experiencing restless leg syndrome again.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

I am a big fan of Criminal Minds. Ever since I watched their first episode I got hook ( just like other people liking jack3d ). And when we watched an episode where in there was a team which was led by Forest Whitaker we just knew that a spin off would be born out of it. The only question then was when will it air? There were rumors here and there. And it never died down since every one is thinking if CSI has spin off why can’t Criminal Minds?


When I read the synopsis of Salt, I just knew I have to watch it. I digged suspense movies that makes you think what is the next scene and would keep you guessing as to what is the ending. So, before I read about the oxyelite pro side effects I watched the movie first with high expectations. And I was glad Salt turn out to be a great watch.

The story is good. Full of suspense and twist. If you want enjoy watching or reading those with conspiracy theme then this is your movie. You have to admire the character of Angelina Jolie in here. A woman of great strength! One of the nice movie I have watched so far.

16GB or Free Agent Theater

I asked the husband to buy me a 16gb memory stick. He asked me why I want one. Told him I want another stick which we can used for our dvd. You see, we have one 8gb stick which contains all the favorite movie of the little girl. But sometimes I try to put in some movies there that I wanted to watch. If I wanted to watch in our TV. So, I want another one. He told me he would just be me the FreeAgent Theater of Seagate. That way, we can put in a bigger EHD and also can transfer files through WIFI. The HD can also served as backup, you can click here to learn about back up.