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Taddao Bussaya with Eng Subs

I don’t know what was aired first, Dok Ruk Rim Tang or Taddao Bussaya, but I prefer the later. I don’t know if it’s the way the story was written or about the actors/actresses in the drama but in DRRT I end up being pissed a lot of times while in Taddao I cannot help but smile on the scene. Maybe because I also like Por more than Bie.

The Social Network

Before I write about the movie, let me just say that I do love what is written in the business card of Mark Zuckerberg as much as I love those Christmas Cards with funny dedications. They just makes me smile remembering the text.

Okay, on to the movie. If I am not interested in the history of Facebook and its creator I will not watch it. Since the movie is just full of talking and is slow paced. But what gets my attention is how facebook was created and had evolved into what are we using to do. All those issues and intrigues that surrounds it makes me finished the movie and while watching it, I google most of the character to see if it’s true or not. Also those terms about hacking, algorithms and how they set up facebook got my attention. I learn a thing or two on this movie.

Ever since Coffee Prince and Hana Kimi became a hit in the Asian drama market, a lot of dramas have been coming about female disguising themselves as male and later the male will fell in love with the female ( thinking he is is GAY). Well, Dok Ruk Rim Tang, is on that kind of theme for a drama and I don’t know what’s wrong but I have a hard time watching it. There are times that I regret spending my time watching it but since I don’t have any thing to do I decided to finish it. haha.

Fourth Story : Wayupak Montra

I was hesitant at first to watch this drama because it’s on the romance/horror genre. I never had liking to ghost stories in movies so just seeing some scenes makes me want to forget this drama. But I like Boy and it would be incomplete if I won’t take the risk and watch it.

So after visiting the website, I decided to watch it. Fortunately, the story is nicer that what I expected.

Third Story : Patapee Leh Rak

Now it’s time for Din to shine. To shine like those diamond stud earrings I have been wanting for so long. Unfortunately, the third story is not that interesting. And the comments in youtube makes me want to just stop watching and forget about it. But I don’t want to skip the story of any of the quadruplets so what I did is do a lot of fast forwarding. The joys of online streaming, eh?

After watching Tara Himalaya and knowing that it is based on a novel and about the love story of the quadruplets I decided to watch the remaining three series. Actually I have only known that there are three more dramas about the family at the ending of Tara Himalaya when Fai (one of the quadruplets) met Jeed ( her mortal enemy ).

Tara Himalaya is the first installment out of the four lakorn in the Four Hearts of the Mountain Series. I was trying to figure out on how to get rid of stomach fat while watching it since I envy how skinny the star is of this drama.

This Thai drama is about the story of a lady doctor who have nursed to health a stranger who have been attacked and have almost lost his life. It turns out that this stranger is a prince but somehow he concealed his identity at first for safety purposes. Because he is a patient and she cared about him, he let him work in their farm. Their, there love blossoms. But there are obstacles. Since the lady doctor has three brothers who just can’t let any man get close to their sister.

I have finished watching all the past episode of Fringe so I am looking for a series that would keep me interested while waiting for the go signal from my doctor that I can used my leg with operation. So I searched the internet but unfortunately I can’t find any that I want to try. I end up finding some acne scar removal online and for the series I settled for Dexter. But when I watched its first episode I got bored. I decided then to try watching Asian dramas for a change.

Joshua Jackson in Fringe

I love him as Charlie Conway in Mighty Ducks. I somehow hate him as Pacey Witter in Dawson’s Creek and now I am loving him again as Peter Bishop in Fringe. Oh yeah, Fringe is more interesting because of him. It makes you want to just laze around your modern sofa and watch the series from Season 1 to its recent episode. Really, Fringe has captured my interest from its first episode up until now that I am waiting until their break is over. The father and son tandem of the Bishop, with their exchange of witty dialogues, makes me look forward to watching it. Not to mention that I love Astrid ;) . I hope next week would be a nice episode.

While the husband was busy looking for tv series which he can download for free on his ipod touch 32g, I was busy watching the last installment for the series Fringe. When I started watching it, I can’t stop. At first I thought it would bore me since according to Wiki it has the same style as the X Files. I don’t really like the later so I thought Fringe would never hold my interest. But since I don’t have anythign to do and the husband told me it’s good, I watched the pilot episode.