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I was telling my husband that I am somehow wondering why I prefer series which involves solving crimes and figuring out the minds of serial killers over hospital series. Well, I guess the later put some fear in me because I have an illness that sometimes is being discussed on hospital series. And one time while I tried watching there was a person who died while being operated because of pulmonary embolism. One of the illness that I have suffered. From them on I really tried avoiding watching series which concern medical fields. That’s in the tv but in reality, though scary I try my best to learn about everything that would concern health. For example when I learn about Crestor, I really researched about it and what happen to the people who unknowingly got sick because of it. I hope they would file an Crestor lawsuit and get the settlement that they are due.

A Graduate

My daughter have grown up knowing only once channel — Playhouse Disney. But when she hit 4 years old I have been seeing some changes in her preferences. Then I had an accident and my older brother’s family came to reside in our house until I am well. My brother has an 11 year old son and eight year old daughter. Both are a big fan of Sponge Bob. So the little girl was influenced. And would you believe she also likes Ben 10. Oh, she prefer Gwen 10 because she is a girl ;) . Now, Playhouse Disney is already forgotten and Bratz have taken the stage in her life.

Videos for PSP GO and IPAD

Ever since the 24th we have searching for games, videos etc that would run in the PSP GO of my nephew. And on the side, I am trying to look for steps on how to run movie files on the little girl’s IPAD. Right now, this aunt is busy searching high and low on how my nephew and nieces can maximized their PSP 3000, PSP G0, DS LITE and of course my daughter’s IPAD that’s why I am having a serious migrane. I don’t know if I should regret asking the husband to buy this for them as a gift. lol. But since the gadgets gives us some hours of peaceful time well I guess it’s worth it. I am just not sure for tomorrow since my older sister’s family would be here also. So we are one complete family during the new years eve.


I am having a bad day. Well, I have a really bad mood and I am also in the verge of depression. I think that’s because my monthly visitor is just around the corner. Because of this not so nice mood I was telling the husband that I am sick and tired of my current condition. True, I can now stand up, walk and go outside the room but it’s really hard. Imagine walking with just one foot. So, the husband was telling me I needed some diversion. But what can I do when I am just in the room. If only I can go back to my normal condition maybe I can even learn a thing or two about cosmetology. So that I can just do my own hair and pamper my foot. If only I can enroll myself at a cosmetology school, I would.

Attorney Funding

My uncle, older brother of my father is a lawyer. And last Christmas during our family reunion he was telling us his story from how they survived the Japanese era to the time he passed the bar exam and became a successful lawyer. We were all ears to him especially the husband who love to hear war stories.


I am done watching The Mentalist. Well, not really done but I have finished all the episodes they have aired and am now waiting for the current episode to be aired. So, I am looking for some good series to watch again. Fortunately, my husband ( who really needs some shampoo for thinning hair ) told me that right now they are watching Fringe. A series about FBI agents again. Which he knows I am fond of. And since I know that we share the same test I tried searching for it and now decided to give it a go.

At an Early Age

My sister was telling me about her oldest. They were teasing her about how she and her husband would loss their job because of their absences. Because of that her oldest went on to scold them about their future and security. I was laughing but somehow proud that my niece knows the value of her parents work and that she can see the sacrifices that her parents are doing for their future. And she is just six years old.

Bratz : Pampered Petz

I am searching for other movies that would occupy the time of the little one and I came up with the Bratz the movie. She was asking for a Bratz doll for Christmas but the truth is she really don’t have a clue about them. lol. She likes them because her older cousin likes them too! haha. And so to familiarize her who the bratz are I let her watch their movie.

Monsters VS Aliens

I have to say based on their giggles and reactions, the kids love this movie. It’s an animated movie that was released in 2009. It was the husband who suggested that the kids watched it. And fortunately, all three of them ( our little girl and two of her cousins ) love it.

Definitely Gold

I purchased some earrings, necklace and bracelet last week and I showed them to my sister. The earrings serves as gifts to Anevay’s teacher and the necklace and bracelet are for my everyday use. I wanted to accessorized but I just don’t have the guts to wear the jewelries that the husband has been buying for me. I fear that I might get mugged and robbed because of them. So, I looked for something beautiful but not that expensive. When I showed them to my sister she told me I should have both another gold necklace. Seems like she prefer gold over silver. Well, who would not, right? Because gold is prettier and more valuable. That’s why a lot prefer to buy gold coins and keep them. Later on, they would trade when the price is higher and they would have some gains on it. Investing on gold is kinda exciting. It’s like having stocks on the stock market and monitoring when to buy or sell. That’s is one thing that I really wanted to learn. How to play the field in a gold market. Maybe in the future.