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Into the woods. This episode is a bit scary especially for parents. It makes me think if going on a camping would be worth it. I am not an outdoor person so I really think I missed much in not being able to experience camping in the woods. Anyway, for this episode the team was called out because there was a kid missing. The thing is there have been cases like this before but they were not noticed because somehow the unsub was changing location. But somehow because of his illness he have slowed down and have stayed close. His latest victim were two kids and he put them on the cave. As a parent, I cringed at the thought of kids being stock in a place where its filthy and even does not bathroom fans to provide some needed air. The area is full of toys of his previous victim. I admire the boy who fought to free his sister but I was wondering if this was real, the poor boy would have a hard time forgetting what he have experienced. Or nevertheless he would never forget and what have been done to him would be a scar that would forever will make on him. In the end, the man got away. Oh! that’s a major dissapointment. But maybe on the future episode they would be able to nail him.

Driving while Intoxicated

We all know that driving while intoxicated is a very risky. Not only does it poses dangers to the the driver but also to those who would be driving along with him in the road. That’s why there is a law against it. In Texas, especially in Houston when officers in uniform suspected that you are drunk driving, they would pull you over and test you. And if they found out that you are indeed under the influence of drugs or alcohol then you will be charged. In cases like this, you would seek the assistance of Houston DWI lawyers of Madrid, Martinez & Associates. They would be glad to be of help to you.

Party Supplies

Right now I am secretly planning a birthday party for someone. Yeah, it’s a secret because the only one who knows I am planning it will be me. No kidding, I am trying to pull a major stunt and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can pull it off. As it come nearer I know I would be needing the help of my sister but for now I am starting to plan.

Happy Thanksgiving!

After looking for thermogenic fat burners and writing this entry for this blog, I am not sure when I would update this blog again. I might get busy for my therapy and won’t be able to have time to blog. Maybe, next week and by that time, Thanksgiving would be over.

So to friends and passers by who would be celebrating thanks giving, happy turkey eating and I hope you have a blast in your celebration. I also hope you find good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. haha. Talking about shopping.


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Or this one!

Tomorrow would definitely be an Asian drama viewing day for me. I have not picked any lakorn yet since I am busy reading testoripped reviews. And then I remembered that I was waiting for Mischievous Kiss to be completed. So I headed out to and glad that it really is completed. That’s why tomorrow I will definitely watch it. Hopefully my connection would cooperate and all things around me. haha. Sometimes when you are bent on doing something, the universe would conspire against it. haha. I am praying that tomorrow I would be in a good mood, the little one won’t be sick anymore and all people around me would cooperate. haha. Just for mischievous kiss. haha.

Missing It!

As I was browsing the web for hgh releasers, I am looking also for ways to occupy my time. I am getting bored with all the net surfing and looking through Facebook. haha. Sometimes, I also want to give up blogging. Then, I seem to not find the right ebook that I would like to read. I am downloading a lot of ebook only to end up deleting them from my phone because I am bored reading them. So, what to do? I remembered I can do another thing. Which right now I am missing. I have not watched any Asian drama for ages now. That’s why I headed to the site where there are list of completed lakorns with english subs. Tomorrow, I would definitely watch one asian drama, promise!

Baby Cards

With the holidays fast approaching, I am looking for gift ideas for Christmas. Right now with my current situation I can’t seem to find any inspiration. So, the only solution that I found is to browse the net. I am looking for gifts that would be good for the family (which of course involves young and adult). And the most interesting part, babies.


Every country has its culture. That is one of the interesting part when you travel or decided to move from one place to another. You learn about things that you thought does not exist. It makes your experience far more interesting. For example, when my husband decided to work in another country. At first he was not accustomed to the changes. He seems to have a hard time figuring out a way to fit it. But later as time goes by, little by little he started to adopt. He was able to learn some of the common words they are using, eat the food they are eating and most of all appreciate the culture and tradition that they treasure. My husband never fails to share with me stories of his interaction with the people that have become friends from that country. Most of the time when their is a holiday they would invite him to some social events or gatherings that involves shisha

Black Friday

What is Black Friday? Well, to put it simply it is the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the US. And the start of the shopping season. That’s why there are great sales everywhere. Everyone is looking forward to it because of the deals and savings you can get shopping for the things you need to buy on your Christmas list. Right now, I would have wanted to be part of it. But I am not sure if those friend of mine in thwe US can accomodate my request since this time of the year they too are busy. Hmm…busy shopping ? haha.


This week has been so busy and achy ;) . My husband had made it a point to make me walk everyday and there are two therapy session on the side. Last wednesday we went to the hospital for a check up and it was really tiring. I thought I need some cell booster to help me up.

Because of all this activity, now I am so behind watching my fave tv series. hahaha. But I know, I have so much time in my hand because the surgeon told me that I need one more month for recovery. I am praying really hard that I won’t spend Christmas like this.