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Taking Over

Since I really cannot function well right now I have to let other people or not other people but my family take over our household. And sometimes our finances. I let them handle the bills. I just hand them the cash or checque. I was thinking what should I do if I have gold coin and need to trade them because I needed cash. No one from the family knows how to. Well, maybe they can learn a thing or two about the gold and silver market through the United States Gold Bureau website. The said site will help them know more about the gold market. Who knows they might start trading and can find a way to invest and make their future better through gold.


As human we sometimes tends to take advantage of the things that we have. If we have a lot, we tend to forget the small things that comprises the big things. I remember someone’s reaction when I was telling her something. She told me that she had enough of a certain thing so it’s okay not to have it. That was coming from someone, who months ago was trying to do everything just to have a little of what is being offered to her at present. I know I sound so confusing. Let’s just say, I told someone that there was an opportunity that should have landed her lap. But due to some twist of fate, it was not given to her. Out of bitterness I guess or something, she answered me back saying it’s okay since she does not need that and she have enough of it. Talking about being boastful, eh? Well, there are that kind of person. I just hope that sometime in the future she won’t eat her words and start begging for what she turned down.

Stuck at home

If I am able to walk, I won’t be spending this day at home. For one, I would have joined my brother’s family in their trip down south to celebrate my sister in law’s nephew’s 3rd birthday. Like me, his mother is bedridden because she is pregnant and needed bed rest. Urgh! Life! Or if not, we would be joining those halloween party around. Well, I am not much into the partying so that won’t dampen my spirit. But h3ck I have missed a lot that’s why I am so eager to walk. Though my left leg is a bit weak still. Hopefully within this week.

Hip Recall

Today, I woke up in a sour mood. Thinking when I would start walking and how I would walk. This accident has been life changing for me. Now, I know how the handicap people feel. I was also thinking, what if I file a case against the grocery now. Because right now, I really hate what has happen. Maybe at the start, I should have hire a personal injury lawyer like Texas personal injury lawyer to help me deal with the store. Though they have been helping me settle the hospital bills I just realized that there is more than than. The expenses and the time to take care of me. Oh well, I am just glad my injury is not that worst like those victim of the hip recall from DePuy Orthopedics that they have to hire a hip recall attorney to make sure they are properly compensated. And get the treatment that they deserved.


I’ve got piles of work to do.. Yesterday and last night my brother was watching Criminal Minds. Despite the fact that I am in the room and just hearing the conversation, I can picture what episode he was watching. Right now I got three episodes in this laptop just waiting for me to watch. But I am preventing myself to watch because I need to set my priorities straight. Yes, despite being bedriden I am still busy. What more if I am well and active right? I am trying to fight the depression by working. But sometimes I cannot help but think, when will I start walking and how will I walk? Maybe, when I start rehab everything will fell into place.

Alumni Homecoming

Right now, I kept on going back to my Facebook account because I wanted to see some pictures of the alumni homecoming of our dear alma mater. Unfortunately, the three of us (my siblings and I) were not able to attend. Me, because of my health. My brother is looking after me and my sister, well I don’t know her reason yet. lol. But from the pictures that I have seen seems likes there is a small turn out on our batch. Well, let see. Not all pictures are uploaded yet.

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As promise

I am quite pissed off by someone. You see she asked a favor from me. Actually she asked for a loan from me although it’s not that big and would never match up with the amount of a gold bars. But what really is keeping me on the edge was the promise to pay me back in a certain date and until now the date has passed and she did not say any word. Plus she was bragging that she did have lots of money right now. Imagine that! Well, I will let her be. She can say that she forgot or any excuses but now I am really scared to help. There are people out there who can really be abusive. Anyway, speaking of gold bars, if you wanted to invest on them, I say Go for it! Gold never fades and will always be of value no matter what time it is. And to aid you more you can browse around the United States Gold Bureau website.

Learning to Walk

I really never thought that a simple accident will prove to be a big inconvenience not only to me but also to my family. I wanted to give up but the support that they are giving me is so tremendous that I am ashamed not to fight back. Right now, I am learning to walk. Well, I am just starting to stand up through the aid of my older brother. I have to undergo a rehab even though my knee is still healing. My doctor told me I need to used my other leg or else it would weaken. Urgh! I am terribly depressed right now.


Last Friday, my freshmen nephew attended a concert. His father, my older brother, almost decided not to let him go since we are somehow concerned about security. I was telling him, to put his mind at ease he might let his son carry those stun guns which we see in some series. But in the end he allowed his son because we know it’s all part of growing up. I guess, we parents should have to learn to let go and just keep on a close watch. To give us peace of mind, I think we can buy gadgets at the BrickHouse Security website. They have lots of stuff their that are designed for the safety of our homes and family.

Investing Properly

Having stumbled upon the website of the United States Gold Bureau and browsing it from time to time made me think and rethink about our future. You see my husband has been working outside the country for three years now. True, the salary is really that big but there are things that should be sacrificed. Like now that I am sick he is not on our side. Also the little girl misses him so much. So, after what have happened to me I told him that we have to set our goals. Give ourselves two or three years and then he’ll be home for good. The question is, how will we do that. Well, establish a business and invest properly. I was telling him if he could buy some bullion or gold bars, that would be nice. Especially from where he work, gold is sold on a lower price. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can achieved our goals.