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Last Week’s Episode

Last week almost all good series have started. The much awaited appearance of Charice in Glee has been all over the news. And it was not a disappointment. In fact it was meet with so much enthusiasm. She really has improved a lot. From her physical appearance ( she’s does not seem like someone who needs acne laser treatment ) to the way she sings. She is love, really love! It just that she’s joining the competing camp that’s not nice. But h3ck! Rachel needs some serious competition. That girl is getting into my nerve. hahah.

Back To Zero

I have not been in the mood to blog because I am currently having my battles. Last Monday, I had an accident now I am trying to bounce back. and it’s really hard. Yesterday, I tried going outside and today I am not feeling well. Urgh! Hopefully this is just a phase and hopefully as in the past I would come out victorious. With god’s help I know I can.

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Online Printing

Are you looking for a good and reliable Online Printing service? I am. Actually a couple of years back I discovered one but unfortunately their Printing Service has left me disappointed. The printed products were not good and the colours were smeared. Also, it took them months to deliver the printed product at our doorstep. Would you believe that? Imagine the follow ups and frustration that I have to endure. Then when I received it my heart almost dropped because the printing was awful. I felt that not only was my money wasted but also my time and effort. And so it’s hard for me to trust any printing company again. That’s why I am working doubly hard to search for that company that can nail my desired result. Because of this search I discovered It perks my interest because of the products and services they are offering. It seems like they would live to their logo of making printing easy based on what I am reading in their site. I am more or less convinced to try them for my printing needs because they have Custom Printing services as well. So if you are like me whose looking for the best printing service try They would definitely fit the bill.

After effects software

I am happy that my brother has just finished his course on after effects animation. Early part of this year he approached me and he asked me if I could help him in his monthly tuition fee. Of course I immediately said yes. You see my brother is the eldest and he did not finish his college education because he chose to work to help my elder sister in her tuition fee for college. He was the one who financed my sister’s education because at that time we were already orphaned. That’s why now that he is pursuing his own education we are all support for him. Anyway, back to the after effects software he is trying to use. He is now familiar with it and can work around it already. Actually he was showing me his different art works using the said software. I am impressed. Well, my brother is such a creative guy so it’s an added bonus that he is now familiar with software that can jell well with his talent. Also, he was telling me that he was glad to have found According to him the site was everything he can dream of and a lot more. He is certain that he likes the motion graphics after effects be found on the site.

Audio Conferencing

Day in, day out, companies would establish their communications through different Conference calls. These calls have been the basic yet most integral part of their business. Through phone calls ideas are discussed, options argued and sometimes important decisions are made. That’s why having a good service for Audio conferencing is vital to every company. I remember one time when I was still working, one of the system that I am handling have a printing error. We cannot fix it on our end and so we decided to call in for support already. Unfortunately that support is on a different time zone and is not on a 24 hour on call duty. We cannot disturb his sleep since our case is not really classified as urgent. And so we waited for him. That means staying late in the office on my part. We went through every detail that we have and fortunately we have a good Audio conference service that the lines were clear even if we were five on the call. After just a few minutes the problem was straighten out. Imagine that. Thanks to technology we were able to discuss things and resolve the problems even if we were miles apart. Well, if you are looking for good audio, video and web conferencing services try They have nice offers for you.

Austin lawyers

Because of the lack of knowledge on how to settle cases many of us would settle for outside of the court settlement because filing one would entail a lot of money and efforts. Not to mention that you still have to deal with a lot of personnel who would come across your life for the first time. That’s why when meet an accident, you would just talk to the one who cause the injury or damages personally to tackle the issue rather than hire a lawyer like an Austin injury lawyer to help you settle the score. But did you know that there you are at advantage if you have an assistance from an individual who have the knowledge to settle the compensation for accidents and injuries? Yes, having a lawyer (example an Austin car accident lawyer) at your side would give you the edge. So if you want to know how they can help you can look into the services of the Austin lawyer of the Through the website your knowledge about settlements would broaden and would somehow give you the knowledge on how to go through the case if ever you meet an accident. Which I hope and pray won’t happen.

Book rentals

Despite being busy, one thing that I always make sure to do is read one ebook. My day won’t be complete if I don’t read even just a page. I don’t know why. Maybe because through books I can forget about everything. Through the pages I can be in a different world without even leaving my place of comfort. In short reading a book relaxes me. That’s why I am thinking of borrowing from the Book rentals service of That way, I can read books from different genre without having the clutter. Because once done I can returned it to them. I love browsing the collection of the site and one day I am going to Rent book from them especially the ones that I want to read and can’t find in any of the bookstore here in our country. It’s just amazing how many books they have. A library just in front of you waiting to be unveiled. And not only that they also have Audio books on cd. Perfect products for those who are busy and don’t have time to read. Well, is pure bliss for book worms like me. And with their affordable fee and no penalty policy one can only be grateful.

Cancer Fertility

The woman who has left her newborn child in a Gulf air airplane has been national news here in our country. You would have ask, how can a mother bare to impart with her newborn and leave her alone in the cold. How can she treat a precious life just like that when a lot of couples have been doing everything to conceive a child? Or some risk their lives by going through Cancer Fertility just so they can make sure that the unborn is safe until birth. Now, the woman is regretting her actions. She is begging that the child be return to her but the government said there are now steps to be taken before the child would be back to her. I wish every parent would treasure their child. It’s god’s gift that they have a child. Not all people are lucky. There are those who go to the extent of Egg Storage to help them. I know there are people out there who want to know more about Fertility Preservation. Well you can by going to this Said site has a lot of information for you. I am learning a lot about sperm storage and how it would be preserve through technology.

Comic books

In our house in the province there is a big luggage under the bed. It’s a big luggage and when you try to carry it, it really is heavy. You know what’s inside? The comic books of my brother. Yes, you heard it right. Comic Books! He has been a collector ever since he started working. Believe me his collections are top of the line. That’s why he treasured them a lot. His collection includes all spiderman comic books and other super heroes. From Marvel to DC, name it he has it. Maybe that’s the reason also why he is familiar with every cartoon character known to man. And his line of work involves comic as well. So now you know that he is really into comic books. Sometimes we teased him. We tell him that we accidentally pour water in his collection and he would be in rage. But most of the time we end up financing his purchases of comic books that’s why as much as we can we try to avoid shop that has comic book. And that’s the reason why he still doesn’t know about I still have not said it to him. But once he found out then he will be a regular to the said site.

Home lighting fixtures

One of the things that I teased the husband about is that he is more meticulous that I am when it comes to decors in our home or their pad in Kuwait. When he shops for things for the house he would painstakingly inspect the products one by one before choosing which he likes. Sometimes he would end up not buying any because none of them passed his strict standard. That’s why now that he is contemplating on buying some home lighting fixtures for their pad, I was telling him that if I he is going to shop I won’t go with him because I know he would really be looking from fixtures to fixtures until he got what he is looking for. And I don’t have patience for that. Haha. Well, he told me he has an idea already. He likes the pendant light fixtures that he saw in the net. Alas! I realized that would be it. Before going to the store he just has to browse the net for what he is looking for. I pointed him to the discount lighting fixtures over at And I am so thankful that the site offers a lot of choices which he can pick. Keeping my fingers crossed that he just can order from the site rather than the store.