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Excited for Camp Rock 2!

Just like a kid who is given a new wooden swing sets as a gift, my little girl would jump for joy every time she sees the trailer of Camp Rock 2 : The Final Jam. She loves the singing and dancing of the movie. No, she isn’t into the Jonas brothers yet (Thank God! haha!) but she likes to see them singing. That’s why I cannot wait for September 5 to come when the movie premieres on Disney Channel. I hope she isn’t sleeping yet by the time the movie is shown. She is an early sleeper.

I slept at around 2am this morning because I wanted to finish watching the Hua Jai Song Park. Not because I really like the story but rather I don’t want to be left hanging and wandering what happen. The lakorn is your typical drama. Girl has a father who has debts. Then a villain was using those debts to get the girl. Along came the knight in shining armor who have save the girl from being bought. Unfortunately, the father misunderstood the knight’s purpose which drove him to his death. So the girl blame the knight. And so, the story evolves. In the end, the girl saw the goodness of the knight and they fell in love. Typical but it gave me the much needed break that I needed so it’s ok for me. And I am looking forward to watching another one.

Light fixtures

We were not the one who has designed our house. It was built already when we bought it and though it was to our liking, my husband and I still dreams of building another house from scratch. Right now, we are paying the equity of another real estate property but I doubt if we can build it based on what we like. So, I guess we would wait for another opportunity plus some extra funds to make that dream come true. If that happens, I would make sure I have a big kitchen area and a bathroom that has a tub. Lol. The kitchen has been a place of solitude for me. Every time I needed to unwind and free myself from depression I stay on the kitchen to cook and bake. That’s why the husband would want to make sure that I used the proper lightning. So, he is suggesting that I start looking for quality kitchen light fixtures which he can install when he goes home. Of course, who am I to say no, right? Lol. I started scouting and discovered the website. If only I could order one of their pendant light fixtures that would really be nice. They have so many beautiful designs that I know would perfectly fit in our kitchen. In addition to that they also have discount lighting fixtures which you can take home. You know, my eyes always light up when I see the world discount. Haha. I hope that one day we would be able to have our third house which we can develop from scratch. As the husband would say, he wanted to build it using his bare hands.

My husband never runs out of ideas on what to do with our house and about some more innovations that he thinks would help. His goal is not only to save money but also to be environmentally friendly. Right now, he is really intrigued with hybrid technology and the geothermal systems. He has been hearing a lot about how geothermal heating and air conditioning could be a good way to save energy and of course money. So he has been trying to research it and he has now so many ideas of what to do but unfortunately since he is busy with work, he can’t seem to find time to put all his theories to work. Anyway, to help him with his research, I have shown him, a company that offers geothermal and other earth friendly, energy efficient heating and cooling systems to the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. The case studies on their website would surely be interesting to him. Meanwhile if you want to have your house assessed for geothermal cooling, you can fill out the form at this site and they will surely contact you. They have experts who would be more than willing to assess you. Who knows geothermal would do wonders in your house, right?



I have been receiving a lot of random acts of kindness online. And I am thankful for that. So, as a way of saying my thanks I do my part in paying it forward. I may not do the one who did the kindness to me another favor but I make sure that I met someone who needs my help I would extend my assistance. But unfortunately, I realized not all people knows how to be thankful no matter how small or big the blessings they received. I got a feeling that some are abusive and feel that you owe them that favor. Some don’t even think of helping out. I feel sad for those persons. Because they don’t know that they are driving the blessings away with their attitude of indifference and ungratefulness. Fortunately, I can count those people through my fingers. They are only few. They are still outnumbered by people who are willing to extend help without any qualms and questions. Kudos to this people!

In Between

I am so thankful for the amount of work I have been receiving. It would help me a lot when it comes to my medical expenses. My medical cost is something that have balloon overtime and I feel blessed that despite the fact that I am staying at home I can still somehow earn from the side. Anyway, I am trying my best to come up with a lot of articles. In between writing I am watching Hua Jai Song Park. haha. I am loving this drama. It’s about Por being a rich businessman. I wonder if he owns bullion on this drama. But if he does, I hope he would look into the website to gain more knowledge of the gold market. I guess every businessman would like to be armed with pertinent details about what they are investing right? After this I will watch one episode then go back to writing. That way I can find some inspiration.

Baby TV

And just when I thought we are done with baby programs my little girl has discovered a new channel. Baby Tv at channel 48 in Disney Cable. The channel features good graphical characters of animals that are moving while classical music is being played. It’s quite a show that would entertain your infants. Yes, infants. But my toddler is quite fascinated with the graphics so she prefer watching it rather than going to Disney Channel or Nick. Well, it’s also nice because the background music is soothing. But I think it won’t do any good when it comes to her speaking skills. lol. Well, it’s just for an hour since we are going to switch it off later. I am just finishing some jobs here and then we are off to doing some activities offline.


Do you know why more companies preferred using Web conferencing nowadays? Well, for the simple reason that is less expensive and conserve a lot of time. How? Well, before, especially with international companies that have branches all over the globe, employees are sent to different locations for meetings and training. This equate to the company spending on airfare, hotel accommodation and meals of the employee. Also, the employee will be away for days and that means someone should be standing up on her/him as a backup. It’s one of the many inconveniences that the company has to endure because meetings and trainings are important to the growth and success of both the company and the employee. Now, through web conferencing or even Video conference, meetings and trainings can be setup without the additional expense or the employee being away for days. Even if the participants are miles apart, technology can bring them together through telephone lines, cables and computers. Isn’t that great? That’s why if you haven’t try it, I suggest you start thinking of using it for your company or business. For starters you can look through the Audio conferencing service of Said company specializes in such technology and they have inexpensive offers that would suit you. They don’t cater only for business purpose you can ask their help for personal use also. Aside from the different state of the art conference they are offering they also gives out with translation, transcription, operator and CDs and playback services among a whole list with High Touch and Together Talk brands. So contact them for your needs.


I was already on my third episode of A Divided Heart when I stopped watching. I wanted to be able to watch it all but I encountered some loading problems in youtube and then we have to go out so no more online streaming for me yet. And then I was showered with a lot of works so I need to finished everything first before the leisure part. I wish I can really find time to view it because I am liking Por’s character in the lakorn. Well, I really like him for the first time I watched him in King Kaew..sorry I am not familiar with the Thai language. But I guess the lakorn is nice. I even have read the comment on the last episode. lol. Ever since I encountered a lakorn that has an ending where one of the main character dies I made it a point to read the comments on the last part so that I can be warmed and would know if the drama is worth watching or not. haha.

Gold Coin

There are some goals that I have been treasuring inside my heart and I hope that dreams would come true. One, that we can go back to Kuwait for this Christmas holiday. The husband’s vacation leave is now down to six days so if he is the one who would come home for a vacation it would for a short time only. but if we will be the one to be there then we can afford to be there for three months. Then another dream that I have is th renewal of our vows on 2012. Hopefully we can use gold coins in our wedding. Well, with careful planning I hope this two dreams of mine will come true. How? Maybe I should start investing in the gold market and reads informative articles at to help me out, right?