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Shutter Islands

Multitasking. That’s what I am doing right now. I am trying to finished every work (both offline and online). I think I deserved a reward for all my hard work. I won’t mind receiving mbt shoes. haha. But if not possible, I would welcome just a time to watch a good movie. Right now, I am looking for reviews about Shutter Islands. If it’s worth spending my time on the couch. haha. There are a lot of movies that I wanted to watch. But I need time. And I think time is not what I have. Man, this is what being busy is all about. haha.

Despicable ME

I am not sure if I wanted the little girl to watch this movie or not. But she have watched the trailer and my older brother showed him a video in youtube. So one time when her daddy was here we decided to go out and have dinner on a nearby mall. On the way, she was asking me if we will watched Despicable Me. I am not sure if it’s already showing so I told her if it’s in the moviehouse then we will go watched it. Unfortunately its not yet showing. But we did not waste our time. We watched the Last Airbender since the husband really wanted to watch it. And guess what? the little girl like it. And yesterday, when we went to Jollibee, we bought the Water Blaster. AANg’s toy is out of stock already.


While the husband was here for a vacation we have a slight problem. The bank where their salary is being credited got an upgrade ( or should I say downgrade) that had affected their system badly and a lot of payrolls were delayed. I did not panic because one we have emergency funds and two I have some ‘goods’ stashed safety which I can convert to cash anytime. This is the reason why I am doing my best to save enough so that I can buy gold eagle coins. I know that gold coins will really help me when I run out of cash. I am still learning the ropes so every now and then I get to visit to know more about gold andn gold coins. Hopefully in the future I will be confident enough to submerge myself in the gold market.


My sister and I watched this teleserye when we have time. Not regularly though because most often than not I am already in dream land when the clock strikes 7 or 8pm. But if I am not sleepy and in the mood, we tend to watch it. Why? Because at this point in time I am still interested in its story. I don’t know though in the future. haha. I hope the story gets better.

Popularity: 1% [?]

As time goes by I am learning more and more about ways and means to be frugal. Before, I just bought anything i fancied without giving much thought to the price. If the price seemed reasonable I would just buy it. But now, as I mature, my shopping habits have changed. Now, I think twice when I am considering a major purchase. If I have the luxury of time, I will sleep on it and may do some comparison shopping at other stores or online. Also just sleeping on it makes me consider a bit more if I really need the item. Through this method I started making smarter purchase decisions and I always try to make sure I get my money’s worth. And speaking of saving, as a mom, I often go for Wholesale products. Especially for the ones we always use. That way, I save the effort of going to and from the supermarket and also you save a few bucks by doing so. Right now I am looking for some Wholesale Distributor for products that we always use at home. I have this habit of stocking up and it put my mind at ease whenever I know that I have everything I need at home and I haven’t paid too much for anything, and there’s no last minute rush out to get something. Recently I found a site that sells wholesale products at a cheap price. They also have Closeout products wherein you really can save a lot of money. Check the site, they have a lot of items for retailers, home businesses, and even busy moms like me who save money and time by buying items in bulk.


Gold is a good investment. That’s the reason why many people invest on it. They believe that in the future gold can be their saving grace. I am one of those people. That’s why even if I can’t buy gold bullion as of the moment I am trying to buy as much jewelry as I can. For me they are valuable and having some piece really put my mind at ease. If in trouble I know gold could help me out. They are really good investment. And one can surely hit it big if they have enough bullion to trade. I think it would also be nice to learn about the gold market via

The Last Airbender

Just got home. And it way past our bed time. And to top it all I need to beat the one hour deadline. We watch the last full show of the The last air bender. Now, I know the reason why many were not satisfied with it. According to the husband, the progress of the story is a bit slow. I agree. And the ending is not that good. Of course, it tells that there is another movie coming. But the little girl love it. It’s the first full movie she watched in the cinema that is not animated. So I still can say that I like the movie because the little girl like it.

Just a Peek!

I cannot come up with a decent entry right now since I am on a rush and my mind is wandering. Yesterday we were able to pull off the birthday celebration of the little girl in school (thank God!). Today we have a family activity in school and later in the afternoon a party again for her 4th birthday. This time with family and friends. I am really busy right now. I am not sure if we can still go to the mall to check out the HDTV that we are considering on buying. The vacation of the husband is too short but I am still thankful for it especially when I see how the eyes of my daughter sparkles when she looks at her daddy. Oh I love seeing both of them together. As if God is telling me everything is going to be okay! Thank you Lord for the blessings of life.

Birthday Present

And just like that the week is almost over. I am so busy and stressed that I feel that I have not accomplished anything despite the fact that I never had a time to rest for this week. But it’s okay because I am praying for two things : the little one’s birthday and one more important event. The other night we were asking my daughter what present does she want from her aunt ( my older sister) and she can’t come up with an answer. i was telling my sister that gold coins would do. haha. Of course, I am just kidding. But it’s a part of my plan that for every birthday I make sure I come up with a good solid investment to secure my little girl’s future.

Denver Lawyers

On his first year with the company my husband was sent to have training in Denver Colorado. Even if we did not accompany him I was still excited of the idea that he is able to go to the US with no expense. And he enjoyed every single minute of his training especially since he was able to hire a car which made his exploration of the place a lot easier. At that time, I always remind him to be careful when driving or else he might end up needing the assistance of denver car accident lawyers. Luckily for me I have a wise husband who can easily adjust and definitely a good driver. I am so thankful when his training was finished and did not require any services from any denver accident lawyer. I am always like that when the husband is not home with us (which unfortunately are most of the time); I always worry about his condition. What is he doing, what is he eating, is he okay. Some worries that I know are unnecessary but as a wife you cannot really avoid, right? Well, I am just happy that as of this moment, there are no untoward things that happen to us. We are very blessed but I know not all people are. Some requires the help of lawyers like denver accident attorney at Because they are involved in an accident. Good thing for them though because the lawyers at are always there to be of assistance.