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I am really a big fan of jewelry. I find satisfaction whenever I bought one or matching pairs. When we were in Kuwait, I was in heaven especially when the husband would take me to the mall that sells gold jewelries. And then I told the husband that every time he receives his bonus, he needed to buy me a set as a souvenir. No kidding, I am obliging him to because it’s a solid investment you know. But for this coming Christmas I am asking him to buy me first — > pearls. I have been wanting to have them for the longest time now but I can’t seem to find the perfect one for me.

Health First

I wanted to do a lot of things. I wanted to work as if there is no tomorrow ( so that I can buy the husband a Patek Philippe on his birthday) and then go out and play to reward myself. But this all means that I need to work late, wake up early and forget somethings that would relax my body. Unfortunately I cannot do that. I need to prioritize my health. Nothing is more important for me right now but to be healthy. That’s why I have been cutting my online time, and even if I wanted to watch and stay late at night I can’t. So for now, everything is on the backseat except make sure that I am healthy despite of my lupus.

Charice on Glee

So now it’s a confirmed. Charice confirmed it herself that she would be joining Glee in their 2nd Season. After the denial and firing of her manager, now we can say she is joining the cast. Would this be nice or not? Well, let’s wait and see. According to reports, she would be singing against Rachel. Oh I hope the second season would come soon.

Popularity: 1% [?]

And it did not end there..

My little girl is like someone who is addicted to beautiful patio furniture, who keeps on collecting and collecting. Why did I say that? Well, last night she received two Toy Story toys from my sister. They bought her because they know that she like them. They got them from Shell. Unfortunately, Buzz is missing. haha. So, the Tito and Tita promised her that they will buy this weekend. Then, after her Kumon session today, she saw Woody and Buzz. She did not stop until I bought her the toys. Now she is happily playing with then and kept on repeating dialogues from the movie like To Infiinity and Beyond!

My daughter loves to play with clay. Through clay she is able to show the artistic sides of her. I wonder if she grows up she would also develop a serious love for something that is big like pottery o ceramic making. I know most big things come from small ones and letting her play with clay, I guess, she would either outgrow it or develop a talent for pottery and ceramic. Well, I am hoping for the latter. With that in mind, I wonder if it’s time for me to save up for this kind of hobby. For one, wheel throwing equipments are not that cheap. And slab rollers too! I am already scouting on how much this cost by looking at all the available products at AMACO/Brent website. The site has the entire thing you need when it comes to pottery and ceramic making. It got me excited that I am now thinking of making pottery making a hobby. It might have a therapeutic effect on me and give me some positive result to help me combat my sickness, right? If that’s the case, well, maybe it’s time consider buying a ware cart where I can put in all the things that I do. Yeah, I have been seeing a lot of ceramic and pottery supplies at AMACO/Brent that I wanted to start making it a hobby!

Phoenix Air Conditioning

I grew up in a rural area. Our house is surrounded by big trees and in our backyard, stood a lot of bamboos. It’s quite green and refreshing. That’s why even during summer we never had any air conditioning. Well, that was 20 years ago when pollution is at a low. Now, with modern living and me, moving into the urban area, things have change. We are now experiencing different kinds of climate change and one of it is the extreme heat. To which, I think, is the reason why air conditioners (just like air conditioners phoenix ) are a necessity. There are different air conditioners. Right now, we only have one in our room. It’s not sufficient enough to cool down the whole house. That’s why the husband is thinking of installing a split type in our living room. But he is having a hard time looking for the right supplier who would also do the installation. If only we are living in the Phoenix, AZ Metro area. We can hire Jay’s Comfort Team to do some phoenix air conditioning installation. And after that they can take care also of the maintenance to make sure that the air conditioning is in good condition. Unfortunately, until today, the husband is still on the lookout. Good thing though that it’s the rainy season in our country. So, bye to the summer heat for now. And while the rain is pouring, my assignment is to scout and scout. Lucky for those who are in the Phoenix area, because they can depend on Jay’s Comfort Team for their air conditioning phoenix needs. I wish I can find the right seller before summer of next year.

Next Stop

I was not born to travel. When I was still a kid, the minute I got on to ride the bus for our usual two hour travel to the metro I would start to get dizzy spells and would throw up. And then for the rest of the journey I would be so tired that I had to sleep. When I grew older I thought I had overcome this motion sickness until recently when we went to Kuwait and I had to endure 12 hours of pain and that not so good throwing up feeling. Man, I swear I never want to ride an airplane again. But when we landed and I had a great time I knew I can endure the grueling hours on the plane when I know I will experience such exciting and memorable national parks tours and other activities for tourist and traveling. It’s always a nice feeling to see places that are different from what you are used to. Because of my good experience I was telling the husband that someday I hope to go on one of those asia tours. I would want to know the Asian culture first before going any further. And he agrees. Of course, he also loves traveling. It’s one of the things he does to combat stress. It’s really nice to know that for escorted tours and tour packages all over the world you can count on to give you a memorable one. I am so looking forward to the day when I can hire their services for our europe tours. Wishful thinking! Haha. Who knows, right?

Even If

Even if the Boston Celtics loss their game and the championship my friend would not care less and is still looking forward to her Holidays to Boston. That’s because she is not a big basketball fans and this is a chance of a lifetime for her. My friend and I have dream of touring the world together and have hope to worked in companies that would send us to training to different places. Well, I took a different route since I discovered that having a career is not for me. I am much happier being a stay at home mom and wife. While she on the other hand have been successful in climbing the corporate ladder. Sometimes I cannot help but marvel how far we have go. And I am happy that even we traveled a different path we are still close and have remain in contact.

I received a call this afternoon from my little girl’s teacher. She was asking if I can send her to school on Tuesday at 5:45am. I was a little bit surprised about the request and asked her why? Apparently the school will be featured on Unang Hirit on GMA7. I am really hesitant about the time and I don’t know if we can make it. It’s too early. And based on history, every time there is a TV program that features any lesson that my little girl attends ( at Tumble Tots and Georgetown) she usually cannot attend because she is sick. haha. I hope this time history would be different.