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It’s really hard to stay beautiful. The regimen that goes with making yourself glow is something I really cannot abide. lol. And I am a girl ;) . lol! But one thing that I cannot really ignore are my nails. Yeah, I am so obsessed with making sure that my nails in both my fingers and toes are clean. Unfortunately I am not an expert when it comes to manicure and pedicure. If only I have enrolled myself to beauty school like Arkansas Beauty School, I would have the skills to maintain my nails. Which I think is one of my obsession. My husband was actually encouraging me to learn cosmetology because he saw I murder my nails. haha.

Will Watch

I am so excited to watch Glee S1E20. But I have to finished some jobs first. Then also the season finale of Criminal Minds. And when I am no longer busy i’ll get back to watching Jack Bauer. harharhar! I still got so many episodes to go. Imagine I am only on Day 3. Though I am not sure when I can start because school is already near and the mommy would be busy again. Now, I am confused if I am going to transfer the little girl.

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The thing is

If you are interested please click here for acne scar removal. Anyway, I am trying to update myself with local news. And I am starting to read some tweets from local news anchor. And what bugs me the most is that the Willie Revillame issue is not yet over. I know there are two sides of the coins, both sides weighing things. But who is this man really? Can people not live without him. Sorry, but I really don’t like him. That’s why I don’t watch his show. I just don’t like his brand of comedy and his actions towards woman. Well, that’s just my two cents.

Alice in Wonderland

Before I go rant on and on about my struggle to lose weight let me just tell you something about the little girl. When we were going home and have our flight from Kuwait to Dubai, she was watching a movie. The characters are quite scary but she did not mind. Which really surprised me. I was not able to give full attention to her and the movie since I am already not feeling well (achy, upset stomach and dizzy). So last night over dinner I asked the husband what she was watching and he answered ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Wow. My little girl is growing up really and her interest in movies is also picking up. She seem not to mind scary looking characters if she has daddy on her side.

If you want to lose weight click here, if you want to relax go see a movie. Which I am planning to do but I am not sure if it’s possible with our schedule. You see I have been planning for the longest time now to let anevay see a movie in the movie house but unfortunately it has not materialized yet. I thought we can go in Kuwait but things got busy and we missed the chance to see Iron Man. Now, Shrek 4 is showing. I guess it’s a nice one to watch. So I tell the husband. And hope he agrees.

Discovering 24

Since I ran out of series to watch I started watching 24 from Day 1. I know I was watching this series before when it started. In fact, I remember some scene but I think I stopped watching it because I don’t have the patience to wait for the next episode. It will give me an acne not to know what would happen next. lol. Especially the ending of 24 is always a cliffhanger. Now I am home and I am on Day 3. I am itching to watch it but I guess I have to finished some chores first before I can focus on watching it. But it’s something that keeps me occupied.

End of Seasons

Almost all good tv series in the US have had their season finale. Makes me think if everyone even the Texas Maritime lawyer is wishing that the next season would premier soon. I have watched CSI where Dr. Rey was assaulted by the Dick and Jane killer, a cliffhanger. Then watched also 24 which ended with a dramatic scene. I was holding back my tears when Jack said goodbye to Cloe. haha. Of course, my favorite Criminal Minds also has it’s last episode for the season. I have not watched the whole episode but I was able to read the preview and it seems that it will end with Morgan being a victim on an unsub.Well, I am currently downloading it and excited to watch it. Hope it’s good.

Helmet Liners

We all know that helmets are really important. Whether it’s for motorcycle riding or bicycle riding, one has to used it to protect the head. I remember one time I was really tempted to buy a helmet because my little girl is really into climbing and running and me being a paranoid mom wanted as much as to protect her so I was considering the idea of buying a helmet. That way I won’t have to be worried when she keeps on running and climbing around.

New Haircut

I was reading through the comments of the fan page of Criminal Minds in Facebook. And I got so excited because of their topic. It’s about the Internet, the privacy and Spencer Reid’s haircut. lol. And I was laughing when I watched the episode today because of Hotchner’s comment on the hair. He said ‘Did you join a boy band.?’ haha. That’s a winner line. Oh man, I am going to really missed this guys. I wanted to rewatch all their episode but decided otherwise. I am now watching 24, starting from Day 1.

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Tamarindo Real Estate

There’s a place in Costa Rica which is a good investment. It’s Tamarindo Real Estate which would really be a good deal for those seeking to invest on real estate. Tamarindo is a peaceful community in Costa Rica. One of the few things that one should consider when buying a property. The location and its community. I wish we can buy one but of course that’s so far away for home. For now we would just be looking at ideal property and start putting in some funds which we could used in the future to purchase our targeted properties. Yeah, properties! lol. Because the husband and I made a pact that we won’t stop on only one and not those small lots. We wanted to have a lot of acres of lands under our names.