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If there is one thing that would keep the conversation among group of women it would be the latest celebrity gossip. No matter how small the issue is, if it’s pertain to a celebrity (especially the famous ones), then that would be a hot topic.

I remember one time, a couple of weeks back when the Philippines showbiz was in a buzz because of the supposed ‘walk out’ of a certain female host because she had enough of the was pissed off by the remark of her co host. That issue has been on newspaper, tv and even on celebrity websites for days. In the end, the two reconciled. Leaving us thinking if it’s just one of their ploy to so that the public will talk about them. haha.

Well, whatever their agenda is, we cannot blame them. Because we ordinary citizens like celebrity news. May it be news about our local celebrity or those more famous Hollywood actors and actresses. I think many can’t live without reading gossips on a daily basis. That’s why websites with celebrity news on it are a hit on the world wide web. Are you currently looking for a site like that? Well you can visit They have the latest gossip news which will feed your appetite about your favorite celebrity. That’s what keeps me going everyday. haha.

I really am not into gossip but I love to read about celebrity news especially the one that are being published on the said website. It intrigues me and the news keep me occupied somehow during the day by giving me something to think about. And whether we like it or not showbiz and the people around it have colorful lives which we loves to feast on. Somehow knowing something about them keeps us entertained. Well, that’s showbiz for you!

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