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No Warning

I am still hooked with Criminal Minds. This time I am already on the second season, episode 15 which is about a psycho being portrayed by James Van Der Beek. Anyway, I am still looking forward to the episodes where Jason Gideon’s would bid the show goodbye. That I was a bit shock when Elle Greenway said goodbye. I knew Gideon’s character would only last two season because when N watched the recent episode I noticed that he isn’t in it already. I did not noticed that Elle was not there also. Guess her character did not do much to me. Anyway, I am sad that Elle’s character did not last that long in the series.


If there is one thing that I would love to have at this moment ( aside from finding the right weight loss products) is TFC and ANC. The husband was already telling me that we’ll apply for it but I told him to just wait for a while. I can still watch the news ( though delayed in youtube). Right now I was able to unearthed an episode of Headstart. The one Karen Davila’s guest is Chiz Escudero. I am so curious about Headstart since a lot of people are saying that it’s a good show. And I always read her tweets and I like her intelligence. So, I’ll watch this first.

Barbie in a Mermaid’s Tale

For the past days we have been watching this movie. It’s the current favorite of the little girl and I can’t say no to her. And honestly the movie is really nice. I love the song also.

Pretty eh? In the website there is an instructional video for the dance step.

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A lot of acquaintance here in Kuwait are asking me if I am not bored since they know that most of the time I am only at home. Actually if you have a three year old girl just like mine, bored won’t be in your vocabulary. And I have also the internet to entertain me. The web really offers a great deal to keep you busy. Just like finding human growth hormone for sale.

Nice Video

As usual I was checking my FB account, I stumble upon a video which was uploaded to the account of one of the presidential candidates. Since I have time to spare I checked the video and I really like it. I would have wanted to post the video here in my blog but for partiality I decided not to. I don’t want to put some political related post in my blog. But if you want to know what I am talking about you can search for it at youtube. It was sung by Ogie Alcasid.

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I have been reconnecting with my cousins from both my mom and papa’s side through facebook. It was really nice because I got to see some of my relatives ( especially the younger generations). The truth was, before Facebook I did not even know the faces of their kids. haha. Isn’t technology amazing.

Glee Season 2

Unfortunately I was not able to watch it. Nor was I able to find time to watch the first season which I have downloaded a couple of months back. I guess I needed to find time to watch ha? And find out why a lot of people are talking about it. I just have to have time. haha. Unfortunately before I got settled with it, I find fighting crime and figuring out who did the crime interest me more. So what should I do ? lol.

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Weight Loss

If there is anything good that is coming out on our vacation is that I am losing weight. NO kidding. I think my appetite is missing so no need for me to take the best weight loss pills around. Actually, I just noticed that I am losing weight because of my pants. Man, I really have a hard time adjusting here. And it does not help that I am inside the house almost eight hours a day. I am not so used to this kind of setup and I think that’s the reason I am getting sick. hmm.


Last week we were watching the recent episode of CSI. Then I saw a familiar face. At first I was not sure about it. What’s with my now faulty memory. So what I did was relay on Google. And I was right. It was Lucas Grabeel ( Ryan of High School Musical).

Then today while watching Criminal Minds I got to see a familiar face. This time one I recognized from local Philippine TV — Cher Calvin. So you see I am busy offline. Juggling between making myself feel better and watching too many series.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Because of watching the criminal minds series, now I am scared of outdoor fireplaces. haha. Well, fireplaces really are beautiful. They adds character to the house. But watching the series made me think of different possibilities. This is the result of too much tv and boredom. I think right now even if there are tons of things that I can do I am on the point of being bored. I am not used too unproductivity and as I told the husband I feel that my independence is slipping away because I cannot go outside without his presence. I feel that my hands are tied. So, what to do ?