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P. S. I love You

I was searching for a movie to watch. The collection of movies they have here are ordered alphabetically so I tried browsing through them until I stumble upon P.S. I love you. I haven’t had any idea what the movie is all about. But taking the cue from the title I was prepared to watch a romantic film.

On the first scene were the couple are arguing I was tempted to stop it and find another to watch. But since I was busy typing in my laptop and too lazy to move I just let it be. And the next scene, I already saw the husband being mourned at. I was asking myself, wait, what happen? haha.


If there is one thing that I do not like about the pad that we are currently occupying right now is the internet connection. It’s taking me ages to upload pictures (that’s why even if I wanted to share with you pictures of the beautiful sights of Kuwait I have not done so). My patience is growing thin since I am so used to fast connection way back home. Of course I am thankful that we already have some improvement as compared to last week wherein I was forced to used a prepaid wireless connection and wishing that we have Qwest here for a dependable net connection. But still I hope that our connection would be a bit faster so that my work would sped up too and the opportunities for my job will increase. Oh man. Right now I have intermittent connection.

PlayHouse Disney

Aside from playing online games in website like Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr., the little girl also loves to watch TV and movies. In our house, the tv is always tuned in to Playhouse disney. Now that we are here in Kuwait, we thought will have a problem since the husband is not sure if their cable provider has it. And I am just grateful that I have a husband who really looks after everything about our daughter. He kept on scanning all the stations on the cable until he stumbled upon a channel that has cartoons. As it turns out it’s a combination of shows from Playhouse Disney, Disney Channel and Nick Jr. Thank God!

Watch 2012!

While I was researching about mechanical breakdown insurance the other day, the husband switched on the tv and played the 2012 movie. He knows that I have been wanting to watch it but never got the chance to really sit down and concentrate on it. So, we have a movie date.

Unfortunately towards the end of the movie, our little girl woke up, I went to the room put her back to sleep and I dozed off also. haha. I end up finishing the movie the next day. I thought I would get depressed about it but I did not. Maybe because I know it’s just a movie. It may occur in the future but I know God loves all human so much that everything he does will be for our own good.

I Robot

To keep the little girl entertained, I look for another movie that she might enjoy. I remember how she was drawn to the movies bout robots so I look for it on the hard disk. I stumble upon the I Robot and played it. When I saw Will Smith, I just knew I hit the wrong movie. lol. But since I love him, I just continued watching it. haha. The little girl likes it also but she did not watch the entire movie. I am glad that I did watch it.

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G Force

I know I am way behind watching movies. But I think that would be cured now that I am here in the pad of the husband. They are downloading movies 24/7. They even have a pc that is just dedicated to the movies they got. The specs of the pc is really powerful that it can equate to three or more netbooks. So, for starters the little girl and I watched G Force. Since it has animals on it ( should I call them animals?) the little girl love the movie. She was able to finished it while I do the laundry. I am preoccupied with other house hold stuff I was just able to watch its ending. Would you believe that? haha. But I like it.


Yesterday I was able to watch a couple of movies. On my last leg, I decided to watch a Filipino movie. Among those that are on the collection on the hdd, I chose the Best Friends Forever of Sharon Cuneta and Aiai Delas alas. It’s a good movie with a lot of facts of life embedded on it. Especially about being a wife and why some relationship drift apart.

I like the movie except the part where John Estrada died because he was run over by the car after Sharon’s accepted him again. I know it’s a comedy but the writer should have thought of another apt ending. haha.

Figured it out!

It’s like deciding which promotional products is the best. I was so confused. What am I talking about? Well, watching movies on the lcd here at the husband’s pad. You might be saying I am a number one 1d1ot because I cannot operate the tv but h3ck, if you only see how it’s setup you will have the same problem also. The tv is connected to a dialer for cable connection. It’s also connected to a dvd, which is connected to the playstation which is connected to the pc. haha. So, to watch a movie, you have to turned on the tv, the dvd, play station and the pc. Well, the pc is always turned on. Just imagine how many remote control is that. I am just glad that after a week I can now operate it. lol.


I need some more time but it’s the thing that can’t be given to me right now. I am currently packing, cooking and doing last minute laundry. We would be heading for our three month vacation and hopefully we would be able to enjoy it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t be hassled. I am tired. We just commenced Sy 2009 -2010. And I can say our little girl made us proud. I am happy that the husband is home to witness it. Thank God!

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Going on a Vacation

Hours from now will be flying to the country where the husband is working. I still have not rested and I lack sleep. Yesterday we went to the airport to fetch him, we went to Duty Free to buy some chocolates and went to meet someone in the Mall of Asia. We were home by 9pm. Unfortunately, the little girl choose to wake at 4am and we just prepared for her moving up ceremony. In school we were able to chat to other mommies. Most of them know already that we won’t be home for the summer. And some are like us, going out of the country this summer.