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From A Poem

Last December when we were at the mall, I saw a movie poster that has Matt Damon in it and Morgan Freeman. Ever since I stopped working I never was updated as to what is the movie that is currently shown in the movie theaters. So, I was so surprised to see that poster. And then life get busy again. I forgot about it. But last week when I was busy downloading stuff and remembered it. I googled its title and from there got a copy of it. I also researched about its synopsis. I got interested when I learned it’s a true story about how Nelson Mandela and Rugby have united a nation. And boy, was I glad that I watched it even if I was disappointed that Matt D is blondie. haha. The movie is inspirational. It tells us that in our own way we can make a difference. And from this movie, I wanted to read Nelson Mandela’s biography. haha. But do you know why the movie was title Invictus? Well, because the poem Invictus which was written by William Ernest Henley was the poem which Nelson Mandela has used as inspiration when he was in prison. And he shared this poem to Francois Pienaar ( Matt Damon’s character ). It played a big role to both. And here is the poem :

While watching I come with the Rain, I was also thinking if I should have custom slipcovers for our sofa. Our sofa are bare and I think slip covers would definitely spice them up a bit. haha. That’s me, multitasking again. haha. Anyway, back to the movie. I think the acting is great. Of course that’s because I love Kimutaku. lol. But there are loopholes in the film. Sometimes it tends to be confusing. The scenes jumps from the present to the past of Josh Harnett’s character. And there is also the scenes which were taken in Mindanao. I just cannot think why they have to shot a scene in the cabaret with Filipina dancing in nude and you know. It was for just a few minutes and in my opinion has no bearing at all in the story. It only exploits Filipina and I dislike that very much. Then after all the efforts Josh finally found Kimura Takuya. The ending is so so. But since I was able to watch it in the comforts of my home and was able to have a dose of KimuTaku again, I still say it was worth my curiosity and time. haha.

The Informant


I just finished downloading The Informant and I am so glad that I have it already. Actually I did not know about this movie. I was just searching for a Matt Damon movie which I can enjoy if I am having a lull moment. And I also wanted to know the title of the movie that he co starred with Morgan Freeman ( I got it already it’s Invictus, a true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon), to help unite their country ). Back to The Informant. Well, it has nice feedback so I am giving it a go. I would have watched it even it has bad rating. haha. That’s how much I like Matt Damon. lol.

Stop Addiction

Addiction has been a big problem every where in the globe. When I hear about a story about someone having addiction problem, I cannot help but be sad because I always remember a friend whose life was taken away as an effect of his addiction. At first his family was in denial. A stage that most families and loved one of drug addicts has to undergo. But if the acceptance is getting longer to achieve it can be harmful. If the family and the individual with alcohol/drug dependence problem would accept their situation, then going to a rehab facility like Passages Malibu, would really make a big difference.

The Bourne Series

I am just so happy. I was able to get a hold of the Bourne Trilogy movies for free. Ever since I read the book, I turned into a big Jason Bourne fan. In fact, I read them a lot of times already. And the movie came out. I was so glad that the one who played the role of Jason Bourne is non other my favorite actor — Matt Damon. I have watched the two movies and I am not sure which I have watched. So, I am really glad that I got the Trilogy.

Accident Claims

Having an accident, no matter how careful you are is sometimes inevitable. As they say, it’s written on your destiny. Unfortunately not all people are insured. So when they are face with an accident, they end up shouldering their hospital expenses and the medicines needed to recuperate. Not to mention the repairs their vehicle have to undergo ( that is if they are involve in vehicular accidents). And getting their compensation claims gives them a big headache. They end up being subjected to different documents and most of the time, they would be asked to come back a lot of times without receiving positive results for their claim. This is not only time consuming but also expensive.

Barbie Movies

I did not know that there are a lot of Barbie movies already. Since the little girl has shown liking to it, now I am searching and downloading the movies. And I was lucky enough to have found a torrent that contains all the Barbie movies. What I am downloading now contains the following :

  • A Christmas carol
  • Fairytopia
  • Magic of Pegasus
  • Mariposa
  • Mermaidia
  • Nutcracker
  • Rapunzel
  • Swan Lake
  • The 12 Dancing Princesses
  • The Diamond Castle
  • The Island Princess
  • The Prince and the Pauper

All Set

With our ceiling fans in full blast to combat the summer heat, I think tomorrow I am all set to have a movie marathon. I am so tired of watching the Barbie movies ( though they are really entertaining) so I decided to download some movies. And here are the three movies I am watching tomorrow. And don’t laugh okay because I know they are not the recent ones.

  • Harry Potter
  • Sex and the City
  • I come with the Rain

Agua Bendita

I have yet to find a low cost car insurance that is applicable in the country where the husband works. WE need to make sure the vehicle he is using right now is insured because we believed that it is better to be safe than sorry, right? Well, I guess this is the same attitude I apply when watching TV. Ever since May Bukas Pa has ended, I turned off the tv already after the news. Why? Because I don’t see any tv program that is worth watching. I tried once to watched Agua Bendita but unfortunately I don’t like it. And I end up explaining every single detail to the little girl. One of the hardest question I have to answer was, why is the little girl like that ? Why does she look like a water? Is she a mermaid? So, how could you answer such question and make a three year old understands it. My option was to turned off the tv and promise not to watch the program again. hahah.

Top Movies for 2009

I wish I can have gold bullion and be able to invest in the right way so that I don’t have to work. haha. Anyway, since the weekend I was able to get a copy of some of the Barbie movies I decided to look for some movies that have top grossed last year. Unfortunately, I don’t find anything interesting. Only Harry Potter (yes, I have not watched it yet) and I think Avatar also. But since I am having a busy week I guess I have to postponed my movie marathon to give way to my blogging marathon. hehe.