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Film to DVD

My husband loves to watch movie a lot. In fact, it is one of the things that sustained him when he is out of the country working. During his free time he would either be downloading new movies or series that suits his fancy or watch the movies he downloaded. And then when he goes home he would carrying his external hard drive that is full of those downloaded stuff and he would let me copy and watch them. That’s one of the ritual we have established over the years during his vacation. Now, all our EHD are used up already so we are considering transferring all of them into DVD format. I was also wondering if I can found a reliable film to DVD converter because some memorable moments that we have are still on film.

Rest Easy

It is only now that I have time to sit down and rest. I was cooking for the last couple of hours. I prepared a mango float, cook almondigas and lechon paksiw. I am satisfied that the husband and the little girl likes everything that I prepared. That just a dry run for tomorrow. haha. I am thinking if I should go to the market early in the morning or i’ll wait for the grocery store to open because I will be needing fruit cocktail. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that I can buy some ‘ube’ for the halaya. Hmm…a day before New Year, my chores are still up to my neck. God help me!


My little girl is a big fan of Tinkerbell. Ever since she watch its first movie she was hooked. The was the time I was looking for a insurance online. And last Christmas eve it was unfortunately that she was not able to watch Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure in Disneychanel because we went to the airport to fetch her daddy. So yesterday while on the mall, the husband bought a dvd again of the second movie. We already have the first one and I think he is thinking of building up a collection. In fact, we even have the small figures of all the fairies (Tinkerbell, Silvermist, Rosetta, Iridessa and Fawn) here in the house. They reside on the mushroom house that the husband bought when he went home last May.

Hannah Montana The Movie

One of the movie that my husband is talking about when he got home. Unfortunately he was not able to download the torrent file for it so yesterday while in the mall he decided to buy the CD and let the little girl watched it. Quite surprisingly, Anevay enjoyed the movie while dancing to the songs with Miley Cyrus. haha. And would you believe that my husband knows the song by heart? haha. I was teasing him about it and was telling him that he now is a certified ‘cool father’ because of that. But I love seeing them song and dance while watching the movie. Definitely, Hannah Montana has a good say when it comes to a father/daughter relationship. No wonder, my husband confessed that he cried a little while watching the movie. lol!

Out of the House

After Christmas, we still have no time to breath. We got a lot of things that’s going on that we always end up outside the house the whole day. And of course, that’s giving me some aches and pains in my body. That’s why we decided to just spend today at the house. The husband and the little girl are sleeping as I am blogging. Got a lot of things to finished up online. One of which is to research about a reliable 24 hour towing company which we can depend if ever we put up a taxi business. We are still on the lookout what business suit us best. And it won’t harm to look around for companies which can help us in our quest. Hopefully by next year we can get things done.

So, how’s ur Christmas?

As predicted mine was so busy. For the first time in a long while I woke up and spend the day and then slept without going online. hahah. Was so tired of the activity for the eve and Christmas day itself. But I am happy. Our family bonded. Not just the husband and me and the little girl but also my siblings and their family plus cousins on the paternal side. All in all I am happy. Am now transferring lots and lots of photos.

Popularity: 1% [?]


I have converted this blog a long time ago. From just being a personal health blog where I put in my thoughts as a LUPUS patient I tried putting in my reviews of Asian dramas which I have grown interested with two years ago. Though I try to stick to the subject of dramas, my previous entries still are here on this blog. So there are those who still left comment about lupus and arthritis treatment. Even though I setup a health blog for my struggles, it’s entertaining to know that people still visit my blog for lupus related information and what’s even more thoughtful is the fact that some of them thank me for the courage. Nice, right?

My apologies

I haven’t been updating this blog regularly and I really have limited time. That’s the reason why i was not able to answer your questions promptly. I can’t promise that I would be able to update sooner since after this I would be heading to all of directions and be just a plain housewife and mom first. Yeah, the husband will be home so I am switching to a wifey mood first. So please forgive me for the lack of updates and if it would take time for me to answer your questions that you are leaving on my message box. But promise if I have time I’ll get back to you.

I want that!

Aside from thinking where to buy water filters I am also stressed out right now in looking for the reindeer headband for the little girl. For there Christmas presentation, they are requested to wear it because they are singing Santa Claus is coming to Town. We went to the mall yesterday but unlucky to find one. And then two moms have already volunteered to look for one since they are at a bazaar but they can’t find any. Oh well! And then while browsing through one of the website about Korean gossip ( I saw a picture of Lee Hyori wearing one. Gosh! I want it. Would it be possible to have magic and get it out of her head and into my hands. hahaha. Yeah, I am that frustrated.

He’s OUT!


Gong Yoo that is! After two years of serving his mandatory military duty. I bet he will be wooed by a lot of producers to do some more Korean dramas. I guess the question would be when will he start working? Probably a sequel to Coffee Prince. And my next question, who’s next? LJK?!? Oh no! hahaha. That would really break my heart. But he is still busy with Hero so that would still be on the far future? Fingers Crossed.

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Popularity: 1% [?]